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Drury’s honors program is designed to provide rigorous and innovative courses to intellectually ambitious students.  Honors courses enhance the interdisciplinary character of Drury’s Engaging Our World curriculum as well as a student’s major field of study. In addition, the honors senior colloquium and research project allows students to pursue in-depth study in an area of their own design, with the support of Drury faculty.

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Requirements for the Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree with Honors 

In order for a student who has been admitted the Drury University Honors Program to graduate with a bachelor’s or master’s degree with honors, the student must satisfactorily complete the following:

  1. Earn a Drury GPA of 3.50.
  2. Complete the requirements for the Honors Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Leadership minor.
  3. Submit a written paper for the Honors Project for approval by the supervising faculty member and the Honors Director.
    • Complete the four steps (proposal, literature review, rough draft, and final draft) within the Honors Program’s deadlines.
    • Students must meet regularly with their faculty, receive feedback, and respond fully to feedback.
    • Projects must meet the minimum number of sources and written pages for the type of project. 
    • Project must demonstrate a significant accomplishment in their area of inquiry.
    • Present the project to an academic or professional audience.