Data Leadership Certificate

How do you know if a certificate in Data Leadership might be for you?

  • You know data should be driving decisions in your organization, but you're unsure where to begin in creating a data-driven culture.
  • You know what data you should be collecting, but just aren’t sure how to gather, organize, and interpret it to improve operations.
    • Or, you’re sitting on an extensive collection of unstructured data (i.e., file folders full of spreadsheets). The increasing volume and complexity have outpaced your ability to manage the data effectively and/or leverage its potential.
  • You want to KNOW, not guess, what the sales, marketing, and operations data are saying about your business.
  • Your boss or board of directors want to know your plans for addressing business analytics, predictive modeling, data mining, and/or business intelligence.

Why a data certificate?

According to a 2019 Deloitte survey, 67% of executives are not comfortable accessing or using data from their organization's tools or resources. Drury's Data Leadership Certificate is designed to build confidence and help today's leaders learn to use data to articulate actionable insight.

Program Highlights:

  • Four graduate courses (12 credit hours) available 100% online.
  • Courses are taught by experienced faculty with applied experience in data analytics and reporting.
  • GRE not required.
  • Sessions are 8 weeks.
  • Tuition and fees for the full program are under $7k. Financial aid is available.
  • Prior technical experience is not required.
  • With instructor approval, students may use real-world data challenges, faced by their organization, as class projects.

What makes this program different?

Upon completion of the program, graduates will possess a portfolio of professional quality reports and visualizations with the knowledge and confidence to help build and direct data-driven work teams.

The Data Leadership Certificate may be completed as a standalone program or applied to a Master in Integrative Leadership degree. This certificate is transcripted upon completion, allowing you to show documented evidence of your credential and graduate-level credits earned in under a year.

For information on Drury's other leadership related certificates and programs, visit the Drury Leadership Collaborative.

DLST 600: Leading with Data
3 credit hours

Case studies from various sectors (e.g., healthcare, marketing, manufacturing, retail, and nonprofit) will showcase how data products can be presented to aid in decision-making. The cases will present common statistical outputs (visualizations, descriptive statistics, and basic statistical tests) and provide students the opportunity to think about the data underpinning them. This course will include basic Excel applications and demonstrate the importance of tracing data back to its often messy sources. Ethical and legal implications of data collection, protection, and use will also be explored.

DLST 605: Statistical Data Analysis and Visualization
3 credit hours

This course will focus on helping students understand basic statistical concepts and interpret statistical output through data visualization. Statistical methods for analyzing and presenting data will be applied to real-world data sets.

DLST 610: Advanced Data Analysis and Visualization
3 credit hours

This course allows students to hone basic statistical skills and advance to more sophisticated analytic tools and methods, including an introduction to machine learning for both supervised and unsupervised processes. Use of diverse data sets will develop skill in forecasting and communicating probable outcomes in a variety of business and organizational contexts.  

DLST 615: Data Driven Project Management
3 credit hours

This course will develop skills in data project organization. Students will apply concepts learned in the certificate program to the design, implementation, and presentation of a data analysis project. The project will demonstrate competencies in problem-solving, evaluating data sources, statistical analysis, data visualization, and interpreting statistical output. 

Admissions note: Previous exposure to statistics is preferred, but not required. Individuals with a limited background in statistics are encouraged to discuss educational resources in statistical foundations that can be consulted prior to enrollment.


Drury Leadership Collaborative
Dr. Lori Slater, Director