How to Apply to the Academy

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The Application Process


Check Eligibility Requirements

Do you meet the base requirements from the Eligibility Requirements page?


Register for ASSESSMENT Test

Fill out the online ASSESSMENT Test registration form indicating which academy and ASSESSMENT test date you want to attend. Review study guide for ASSESSMENT Test (basic reading and writing only)


Mail Your Payment

Mail a copy of your ASSESSMENT Test confirmation email and fee to the address indicated on the form. Fee must be paid by cash, money order or cashier’s check made payable to “Drury University.”


Apply for Drury University Admission

Apply for admission to Drury University. You are NOT registering for classes at this time.


Submit High School or GED Transcripts

Submit official copy of high school transcripts in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution OR original GED certificate with test scores. Transcripts should be sent to Drury University Law Enforcement Academy, 900 N. Benton Avenue, Springfield, MO 65802


Submit College Transcripts

Submit official copy of transcripts of all college coursework in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution. Transcripts should be sent to Drury University Law Enforcement Academy, 900 N. Benton Avenue, Springfield, MO 65802


Complete Your FASFA (optional)

If you are seeking Financial Aid, complete your FAFSA


Requesting Military Benefits (optional)

If you are seeking to use military benefits, submit Veterans Certification Request then contact Drury’s Veteran’s Representative at (417) 873-6908.


Submit Academy Application

Applicants with top 28 of scores on the ASSET test and top 10 alternates will be mailed an application packet. Complete all application materials and return to the academy director as indicated. Information about electronic fingerprinting will be included in the application materials. Electronic fingerprints must be submitted prior to the orientation.


Attend Orientation

Attend the orientation for the academy as indicated in the application materials.


Obtain Equipment and Attend Academy

Obtain all required equipment and attend the first day of the academy.

Law Enforcement Academy Tuition & Fees

Tuition for the Class A P.O.S.T. Certification academy is $8,610 (subject to change) which includes:

  • Use of all weapons
  • All ammunition
  • Textbooks
  • Training materials
  • Polo-style uniform shirts
  • T-shirts

In addition to tuition, a $50 nonrefundable application fee must be submitted with the application.

Financial aid is available for students who qualify. Applying for financial aid requires a student to be officially admitted to Drury University (apply online). For information contact Drury’s Financial Aid Office at (417) 873-7312 or visit the Financial Aid Office. Learn more about new financial aid availability through the Missouri Fast Track Grant.

View list of other equipment students must provide on their own.

The following equipment is required for the academy. The equipment must be police style equipment. Contact academy director for local Springfield dealers.

  • BOOTS: black police style, lace up (ROCKY, 9.1.1, THROUGOOD)
  • BDU/tactical pants BLACK color similar to these:
  • Black workout shorts.
  • Good quality running shoes. Do not get court shoes.
  • Classroom Supplies
    • Pens/ pencils
    • Highlighter
    • 3 ring binder
    • notebook
    • water bottle

Optional but recommended:

  • laptop / net-book computer (one is provided in the classroom but you are encouraged to use your own.)
  • Majority of the “books” and handouts are on a USB flash drive provided to you. You will have to have a computer at home that can read / use Microsoft Word, PDFs, and PowerPoint.

The following equipment is only required during the handgun or practical portions of the academy. Usually at least one month into the academy. 

  • Flashlight; police duty style. (Maglight, Mini-mag, Stinger, Streamlight types)
  • Handcuffs; one pair of police style cuffs, Smith Wesson, Peerless type.
  • Duty belt; Nylon web belt with cuff case, flashlight case, pepper-spray pouch (fit Mark IV canister)
  • Range safety protection; Eye protection; needs to be impact resistant. Ear protection , either high
    quality plugs or muffs.
  • Inclement weather gear. We will shoot in all weather conditions.
  • Baseball type hat (no offensive logos)

Law Enforcement Academy Courses

Technical Studies

  • Patrol Duties/ Traffic Enforcement
  • Criminal investigation
  • Report Writing
  • Juvenile Justice and Procedures
  • First Aid (First Responder)
  • SFST / DWI certification
  • Type III BAC certification
  • Stationary Radar Certification

Interpersonal Perspectives

  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Human Behavior
  • Police Supervision

Skill Development

  • Defensive Tactics
  • Firearms
  • Driver Training
  • Practical Application Exercises
  • Physical Fitness

Legal Studies

  • Constitutional law
  • Traffic law