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J. Timothy Cloyd

Chelsea Baltimore
Executive Director of Marketing & Communications

Rob Fridge
Executive Vice President of Administration

Chief Financial Officer

Tijuana Julian
Executive Vice President of Student Affairs
Dean of Students

Kevin Kropf
Executive Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing & Communications

Jennifer Baltes
Director of Human Resources

Beth Harville
Executive Vice President and Provost

Aaron Jones
Executive Vice President – University Relations and General Counsel
Interim Chief Operations Officer

Nyla Milleson
Vice President & Director of Athletics

Marie Muhvic
Executive Vice President for University Advancement


Beth Harville
Executive Vice President and Provost

Leah Blakey
Associate Provost of Academic Quality

Alexis Slyter
Director of Online Education

Thomas Russo
Associate Dean for Study Abroad & International Programs

Bryan Beatty
Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and Eligibility 

Barry Armstrong
Director of International Support Services

William Garvin
Director of Library and Information Services

Deborah Derden
Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Rebecca Miller
Arts Administration Coordinator

Daniel Ponder
Washington Center Institute for Experiential Learning Drury Coordinator

Jennifer Joslin
Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, Director of Compass Center

Lori Slater
Director of Accessibility and Disability Services

Shannon Cuff
Associate Provost of Adult, Online, and Graduate Education

Rosalyn Thomas
Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion

Jeff Riggins
Director of Academic Affairs Support Services

Salia Manis

Brant Hinrichs
Director of 3-2 Engineering Dual-Degree Program

Valerie Eastman
Director of 3-2 Occupational Therapy Program

 David Derossett
Coordinator, Women and Gender Studies

Patricia McEachern
Director of the Forum on Animal Rights

Patrick Moser
Director of Writing Program and Writing Center, Academic Life Coach

Richard Schur
Director of University Honors Program

Cindy Fiedler
Director of Academic Advising



Robert Weddle
Dean, Hammons School of Architecture

Albert Korir
Dean, College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

Natalie Precise
Dean, School of Education and Child Development

Allin Sorenson
Dean, School of Communication, Fine and Performing Arts

Jennie Silva Brown
Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Jeffrey Zimmerman
Dean, Breech School of Business

Department Chairs

Stephen Bomgardner
Fine and Performing Arts

Vickie Luttrell
Behavioral Sciences

Kevin Jansen

Madhuri Manpadi

Jonathan Groves

Kevin Henderson

Ted Vaggalis

Scott Simmons
Mathematics and Computer Science

Jeffrey VanDenBerg
Political Science/International Affairs

Ed Williamson
College of Continuing Professional Studies

Robert Weddle, Dean
Panos Leventis, Associate Dean
Marshall Arne (part-time)
David Beach
Nancy Chikaraishi
Keith Hedges

Sara Khorshidifard
Bruce Moore
Maurizio Sabini
Traci Sooter
Saundra Weddle
Amy Ehlers Wiley

Jeffrey Zimmerman, Dean
Robin Soster, Associate Dean
Mary Blair
Tiffany Cossey
Katlin Cundiff
Shannon McMurtrey
Darren Page

Cyrus Parks
Janis Prewitt
Juan Andres Rodriguez-Nieto
Anja Schanbacher
James Simmerman
Janie Whiteaker-Poe

Natalie Precise, Dean
Ying Cao
Peter “Asikaa” Cosgrove

Laurie Edmondson
Ginney Norton
Thea Scott

Kevin Jansen, Chair
Don Deeds
Ioana Popescu
Wesley Rowley

Megan Ealy
Ryan Gordon
Bethany Sump

Madhuri Manpadi, Chair
Mark Wood
Scott Petrich
Brant Hinrichs

Rachael Day
John Kiernicki
Connie Dunaway
Joshua Kennedy

Scott Simmons, Chair
Scott Sigman
Sergey Borodich
Bob Robertson

Chris Branton
Colin Barker
Joe Dillstrom

Vickie Luttrell, Chair
Dave Derossett
Valerie Eastman
Callie Gibson
Rachael Herrington
Jennie Long

Patricia McEachern
Robin Miller
James Scollione
Mary Utley
Cecily Cornelius-White

Kevin Henderson, Chair
Catherine Blunk
Katherine Gilbert
Charlyn Ingwerson
Elizabeth Nichols
Peter Meidlinger

Patrick Moser
Tim Robbins
Richard Schur
Tony Smith
Jo Van Arkel

Ted Vaggalis, Chair
Peter Browning
Chris Panza

Michael Verney
Shelley Wolbrink

Jeff VanDenBerg, Chair
Justin Leinaweaver

Dan Ponder

Jonathan Groves, Chair
Greg Booker
Steve Carpenter

Brian Shipman
Charles Taylor
Abigail Kingsford

Stephen Bomgardner, Chair

Rebecca Miller, Asst. Chair and Director of Arts Administration

Todd Lowery
Matt Noblett
Jessica Lyew-Ayee

Jacqueline Warren (Part-time)
Blaine Whisenhunt

Mick Sokol

Justin Gannaway

Julie Cassity
Andy Campbell
Alexandra Kovatch
Lori Hutton

Carlyle Sharpe
Natalie Wlodarczyk

William Garvin, Director
Katherine Bohnenkamper
Holli Henslee

Phyllis Holzenberg
Jacqueline Tygart

Kay Osborne, Business
Jessica Gomez-Scott, Psychology
Alex Cobb, Director of Integrated Leadership

Gail Slye, Education
Ed Williamson, Education
Regina Waters, Director of MComm

Kathleen Flach, Program Director
Jeff Ellis, Director of Didactic Education
Mark Kaiser, Assistant Clinical Professor

Crystal Powell, Director of Clinical Education
Dr. Arjit Chowdhury, Medical Director in Residence