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Drury University Engineering Programs

B.S., Electrical Engineering (EE)
B.S., Mechanical Engineering (ME)

First Classes Fall 2024

Our goal is to develop engineers with the knowledge, capabilities, and desire to make a positive impact on the world.

Our approach is to provide personal attention, small classes, and faculty focused on student success.

Our program aims to produce graduates who

  • Participate responsibly in and contribute to life in a global community
  • Think critically
  • Draw from strong fundamental knowledge in math, science, and engineering
  • Communicate effectively with technical and non-technical audiences
  • Possess the ability and confidence to learn independently

Our program includes the complete Drury Fusion liberal arts education

  • 7 classes from Drury Explorations
  • 4 classes from Life/Ideas Certificates
  • Mathematics Minor
  • Physics (2) and Chemistry, with labs
  • Business Acumen
  • Students make presentations and write reports in all design classes

Lean and Feasible

  • EE or ME degree can be completed in 4 years
  • Maximum of 17 credit hours/semester

All labs and lectures are taught by full-time faculty.

Contact Us:

Dr. Robert Throne

Chair of Engineering Department
Professor of Electrical Engineering
(417) 873-7340

Meet the Faculty

Engineering Curriculum Features

Common First Year

Students choose major after exposure to breadth of engineering

First Semester

  • Embedded systems (Arduinos)
  • Computer aided design and 3D printing

Second Semester

  • Interdisciplinary Design
  • MATLAB (a second programming language)

Cost-Conscious and Affordable

  • Common classes for both EE and ME students whenever possible
  • Utilize free software and instructional materials when appropriate
  • Always consider the cost to the student

Multidisciplinary engineering design

  • Common design classes for both EE and ME students
  • Year 1 (semester),
    Year 3 (semester),
    Year 4 (2 semesters)

Short Courses

  • Courses on a narrowly-focused topic
  • 7 – 8 meetings in half semester (0.5 credit)
  • Engineering, science, math, computer science (6 short courses)
  • Business (6 short courses)

Hands on

  • Many classes have integrated labs relating theory to practice
  • Many classes contain projects

Highly-qualified Drury Engineering Faculty

Bob Throne (Electrical)

  • Education:
    • BS in EECS and Math (MIT)
    • MS and PhD in EE (Michigan)
  • Teaching experience:
    • U of Nebraska (11 years)
    • Rose-Hulman (21 years)
  • Department Head at Rose-Hulman
  • ABET (engineering accreditation) evaluator

Lorraine Olson (Mechanical)

  • Education:
    • BS, MS, PhD (MIT)
  • Teaching experience:
    • U of Michigan (5 years)
    • U of Nebraska (11 years)
    • Rose-Hulman (21 years)
  • Department Head at Rose-Hulman
  • ABET (engineering accreditation) evaluator