Animation Curriculum

The animation major must complete a total of 51 credit hours consisting of 27 credit hours in animation and 24 credit hours in the humanities and arts.

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses.

Foundational Interdisciplinary Creative Courses (15 hours)

ARTH 293: History of Animation
ARTZ 111: Foundations of Studio & Design
ARTZ 123: Drawing I
COMM 216: Multimedia Storytelling
ENGL 266: Creative Writing I–Fiction

Elective Interdisciplinary Creative Courses (9 hours)
Select three from the list below

Any other ARTZ course
ARCH 154: Why Cities Matter
ARCH 225: Introduction to Computers in Architecture
ARCH 233: Introduction to Building Systems
ENGL 235: The History of Film
ENGL 366: Creative Writing II – Fiction
MUSC 101: Introduction to Composition I
MUSC 102: Introduction to Composition II
THTR 140: Acting I
THTR 282: Acting II

Animation Specific Coursework - Concentrations in 2D Traditional Animation & 3D Computer Animation

Foundational Animation Courses (9 hours – Courses meet 3 times a week for 2 hours)

ANIM 111: Animation I
ANIM 121: Computer Animation I
ANIM 161: Principles of Animation

Additional Animation requirements (18 hours)

Concentration coursework
(6 hours - Courses meet 2 times a week for 2 hours)

ANIM 211: Animation II
ANIM 311: Animation III


ANIM 221: Computer Animation II
ANIM 321: Computer Animation III

Elective Animation Courses (6 hours)

Senior Capstone (6 hours – Courses meet once per week for 3 hours - Must be taken over two consecutive semesters)

ANIM 411: Animation Capstone I
ANIM 451: Animation Capstone II

Internship:  Students will be strongly encouraged to complete an internship to fulfill one of their Engaged Learning requirements.