About Technology Services

Technology Services maintains and supports the following at all Drury campuses:

  • Campus WiFi and wired networks (non-residential)
  • All servers and network hardware
  • Telephones and the Cisco network
  • Application software such as MyDrury and EX
  • Computers provided to staff and faculty
  • Computers in labs on campus sites

Meet the Staff

Val Serafimov, Vice President of Technology Services
(417) 873-7262

Val joined Technology Services in 2000 providing support and analysis for the IBM iSeries 400 midrange systems on campus as well as client support. In 2004 he implemented the MyDrury portal. He became director of the department in 2009 and played a critical role in the conversion of the Student Information System from the IBM-based Jenzabar TE to the Microsoft SQL-based Jenzabar EX. He currently oversees all operations of the department including software, hardware, project management and budget.

Teresa Castleberry, Programmer Analyst III
(913) 839-3050

Teresa lives in Olathe, Kansas and works remotely for Drury. She started with Drury as a Programer/Analyst in 1995. In 2005, she left to work for Jenzabar and returned in 2009. She writes SQL scripts on Drury data for EX users, handles backups, and schedules jobs. Her responsibilities also include writing and maintaining Infomaker reports.  

Diana Serafimov, Interface and Security Software Analyst
(417) 873-7332

Diana joined Technology Services in 2012. Her responsibilities include data security, business analytics and imaging as well as web support. She previously worked in the Financial Aid office as the Assistant Director of Financial Aid IT/Support providing technology support for the department.

Brandon Mattox, Systems Administrator

(417) 873-6345

Brandon is responsible for managing and maintaining Drury's server infrastructure. His responsibilities also include supporting Microsoft Office 365 and Active Directory.

Jenny Himes DeField, Network Analyst
(417) 873-7334

Jenny is a Drury alumna who began working in Technology Services as a student worker in 2007 and joined the staff in 2011.  She currently manages the Drury network infrastructure, including the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and virtual private networks, as well as managing the telephone system on campus. 

Rick Wallen, Branch Campus Technology Support Manager
(417) 873-7961

Rick began his career at Drury in 1993 but joined Technology Services in 2001. He oversees the planning, installation and maintenance of all Windows-based computers, projectors, and printers on Drury's satellite campuses. This includes branch campus faculty, staff, and lab computers.

Kevin McClure, User Support Specialist
(417) 873-6900
Kevin is responsible for troubleshooting, maintaining, and upgrading faculty and staff computers at Drury. He is also involved in printer support. He joined Drury in 2018 and brings over 9 years of IT experience.

Josh Brotherton, User Support Specialist
(417) 873-6911

Victoria Brainerd, Help Desk Coordinator
(417) 873-3603

Victoria joined the Technology Services staff in 2017 as a student worker and was promoted to Help Desk Coordinator in April 2020. She is responsible for the intake and processing of support requests and maintaining communication with customers. 

Adam Ellis, A/V Technician
(417) 873-7133
Adam joined Technology Services in 2017 and brings over 10 years of audio-visual experience. He is responsible for managing and maintaining all projectors and sound systems on campus as well as managing audio-visual equipment for on-campus events. His responsibilities also include managing and supporting Drury's Zoom accounts. 

Corban LaFon, A/V Technican
(417) 873-7132

Corban joined Technology Services in June of 2019 as an audio-visual technician bringing with him over six years of production and audio-visual experience. He is responsible for maintaining and upgrading classroom equipment as well as supporting the various audio-visual needs of on-campus events. 

Kasey Kelm, A/V Technican
(417) 873-3622

Kasey joined Technology Services in Fall of 2019 as an MBA technician. She provides technical support for all MBA Zoom classes and additional support for campus audio/visual needs.