Meador Center Pre-Law Scholarship

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Please note, you must meet all requirements to receive this scholarship. Visit our additional scholarships page for need based funds.

Founded in 2015 by the endowment in honor of Professor L.E. Meador, the Drury University Meador Center for Politics and Citizenship is dedicated to the academic inquiry of politics and citizenship in the modern world. The work of the Meador Center is to inspire and engage Drury University students and faculty to work toward that “more democratic and more hopeful world” of which Professor Meador spoke.

The L.E. Meador Center for Politics and Citizenship also seeks to support students who wish to explore the study of law as a career path. The Meador Center Pre-Law application is designed to support incoming freshmen and graduating seniors of ANY major. Awards are currently $250, and are applied directly to the student’s account.

Who is Eligible? Funds are available for students at two different stages of academic study.

  1. Incoming Students – Any student who is interested in pursuing pre-law may apply. Students must apply by the end of their first semester at Drury and declare Dr. Dan Ponder (LE Meador Professor of Political Science and Pre-Law Advisor) as one their academic advisors.
  2. Graduating Students Students who provide proof of having been accepted to an accredited law school may apply. This should occur sometime in their final year at Drury. These scholarships are awarded only to students who will graduate from Drury.