Additional Scholarships

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Students are highly encouraged to apply for outside scholarships. These are any scholarship opportunities that are not awarded by the government or the university but by external sources such as foundations, non-profits, or the private sector.

We advise students to reach out to their high school guidance counselors/college advisors, as they may have up to date information on available scholarships in the school district or local area. There may be scholarship opportunities where you live such as through credit unions, businesses, or non-profit organizations. Below are links to reputable search engines and resources.

Online Databases:

Missouri Residents & Local Students:

Immigrant/Undocumented Students:

When you are notified of receiving an outside scholarship, you are often asked to provide a letter confirming enrollment at the university you plan to attend.  Reach out to your Admission Counselor, and they will provide documentation that includes instructions to the scholarship provider on how to submit the award to the Office of Financial Aid.