Emphasis: Organizational Leadership and Change

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The MA in Communication requires 30 hours of credit, usually taken in 10 courses. The Organizational Leadership and Change emphasis requires a core of 18 credit hours (6 courses) required of all students. 12 additional credit hours (4 courses) of electives. Each elective course can be tailored to meet a student’s individual personal and professional goals when selected in consultation with her/his advisor.

Elective Classes

Students in either area of emphasis may choose electives from among courses required in the other area of emphasis. In addition, students can choose from among the following elective courses. Substitutions and/or elective courses offered by other Drury graduate programs may be approved in consultation with a student’s advisor.

Credit cannot be given for a course for which the student is not registered. Credit cannot be claimed more than once for the same course, with the exception of approved internship course credit.