Badge to Bachelor’s Program

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Badge to Bachelor’s is a degree completion program designed to give law enforcement officers pathways and resources to continue their college education through Drury GO. The program has been expanded to also include dependents of law enforcement officers.

Completing a degree will expose you to more information, expand your network and put you in a better position for advancement within your agency. If you choose to retire from law enforcement or pursue a second career, a degree will help open more doors for you.

Scholarship opportunities

Students who participate in Badge to Bachelor’s will receive:

  • Special academic advisement to maximize your Academy coursework and any prior college coursework you have taken
  • Access to scholarships and grants specifically for law enforcement professionals
  • Access to classes offered at one of eight campuses and/or online that will be relevant to your development as a law enforcement professional and leader

Badge to Bachelor's Scholarship Application

There are also opportunities to receive full funding support through the state of Missouri’s Fast Track program if you have been out of college for two or more years or are at least 25 years of age. If you are eligible for Fast Track and go through the application process with the state of Missouri but do not receive Fast Track funding, we will ensure you receive at least $1,000 in internal scholarships to attend Drury University, if you meet certain enrollment criteria.

We will also work with you to identify other scholarships, grant funding sources and possible application of agency professional development funding. This is a convenient and cost-effective way to continue your education, and we are eager to discuss this with you in more detail.

Degree options

While the scholarship funding is available to LEOs seeking any type of degree offered through Drury GO, the university offers two degrees likely to be of high interest to this group:

An associate of science and bachelor of science in law enforcement. These degrees focus on current investigative and procedural techniques as well as effective communication and leadership skills. The associate in law enforcement includes the 24 hours of credit that form the core of the Drury Law Enforcement Academy.

An associate of science and bachelor of science in criminal justice. These degrees explore criminal investigation and conviction, including causes and prevention of criminal behavior. The degree prepares graduates to apply what they learn to real-world problems as they work in community, social or correctional agencies.