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Develop your critical thinking abilities as you hone your writing skills. The Bachelor of Science in English and Writing will empower you to:

  • Write with clarity and purpose
  • Analyze, discuss, and even question classic texts
  • Become an independent researcher and writer
  • Link literature to larger concepts, like social issues or callings

Program Overview

The English and Writing Program offers two tracks, one for English and Writing majors, and the other for students pursuing majors in both English/Writing and Secondary Education. Track 1: English and Writing, requires a minimum completion of 42 credit hours. Track 2: English and Writing-Secondary Education requires a minimum of 36 hours and the necessary Department of Education courses needed to earn a major in Secondary Education. Please refer to the Secondary Education section of this catalog for specific requirements.

Program Outcomes

  • Challenge ideas critically and creatively;
  • Appreciate the changing canons of American, British and world literature and question the authority of classic texts;
  • Deploy a vocabulary for analyzing poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama and other cultural artifacts in terms of form and content;
  • Respond specifically and meaningfully to their own writing and to that of their peers;
  • Write with clarity, insight, purpose and power for a variety of audiences and occasions;
  • Analyze language in its historical, cultural, literary and linguistic contexts;
  • Utilize helpful primary and secondary so that they can become independent researchers and writers;
  • Demonstrate the link between their study of literature and writing their lives beyond college, including social issues and vocations.

Career Information

Jobs in writing and editing are projected to grow 0.4% by the year 2028 nationally. The median annual wage is $63,510. The average wage for writers in Missouri specifically is $56,860.

A Bachelor of Science in English and Writing degree will prepare you for a variety of job paths, including:

  • Technical writing
    • Projected growth: 8.5%
    • Median annual wage: $71,850
  • Public relations
    • Projected growth: 6.45%
    • Median annual wage: $60,000
  • Marketing
    • Projected growth: 8.1%
    • Median annual wage: $134,290
  • Secondary education
    • Projected growth: 3.6%
    • Median annual wage: $60,320
  • Fundraising
    • Projected growth: 9.3%
    • Median annual wage: $56,950