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At Drury, we seek to prepare teachers who go beyond just technical understanding of what works. Studying education at Drury is grounded partnerships with public schools. You’ll participate in a series of clinical experiences like reading practicum and student teaching that begin as early as your first year of study. You’ll become a reflective educator with a strong vision of schools as energetic, creative places.

Advising Worksheets

This program is eligible for Fast Track Logo.

Program Outcomes

  • Candidates demonstrate proficiency in the 10 InTASC standards at the appropriate progression level(s) in the following categories: the learner and learning; content; instructional practice; and professional responsibility.
  • Candidates use content-specific research and theory to design, implement, assess, and reflect on student learning.
  • Candidates demonstrate skills and commitment that afford all K‐12 students access to rigorous and relevant curriculum specific to their diverse learning needs.
  • Candidates model and apply technology standards to design, implement, and assess developmentally‐appropriate learning experiences to engage students and improve learning.
  • Candidates demonstrate proficiency in oral and written communication skills appropriate for educators.
  • Candidates meet all institution and state requirements to be recommended for initial certification.

Career Information

Jobs in elementary education are projected to grow 3.3% by the year 2028 nationally. The median annual wage is $58,230. The median wage in Missouri specifically is $49,860.

A Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education prepares you to teach first through sixth grade. You can also obtain special certification or pursue your master’s to increase your career opportunities. Some career paths include:

  • Elementary school teacher
    • Projected growth: 3.3%
    • Median annual wage: $58,230
  • Special education teacher
    • Projected growth: 2.8%
    • Median annual wage: $59,390
  • School administrator
    • Projected growth: 4.1%
    • Median annual wage: $95,310

The Elementary Education Major has free electives remaining to meet the graduation requirement of at least 124 hours.

Recommended education-specific electives are provided below for those who wish to deepen their understanding of special education. The courses are designed to provide the knowledge necessary to successfully pass the content assessment for Mild/Moderate Cross Categorical Disabilities required for add-on certification in this area. These courses will not lead to initial certification in the area of Mild/Moderate Cross Categorical Disabilities.