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Elementary Education Major

A teaching career in elementary education requires more than a degree. You’ll need hard work, patience and a genuine passion for the job. However, it is quite rewarding and gives you the chance to impact students beyond the classroom. Here’s an overview of three reasons why you should major in elementary education.

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  1. A Rewarding Career

Elementary teachers play a vital role in society, as they provide the rudimentary building blocks of education. Becoming an elementary teacher gives you a unique opportunity to impact the lives of children beyond the classroom. You’ll spend more time with your students than their parents and have an extraordinary opportunity to influence their future.

Elementary teaching is also family friendly. You’ll become part of the communities and districts in which you teach. It is also possible to teach in the same school your children go to, which offers flexibility for those with, or planning to have children. You can easily arrange for holidays, after-school care and other schedules.

  1. Job Security

Millions of kindergarten children are registered yearly, despite the slow growth of the elementary education occupation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the profession is projected to grow 4% by 2029. Plus, elementary education offers strong job security, as you can change schools and districts throughout your career.

Entry-level elementary teachers will earn anywhere from $30,000 to $45,000 per year. Wages follow the standard scale and factor in your college degree, teaching experience and other aspects. A major in elementary education will boost your prospects of a better salary, especially if you get it from a leading university.

  1. Flexible Placements

A career in elementary education will take you anywhere you want to go. Opportunities exist far, near, in between and beyond. You’ll find elementary schools everywhere, from busy, bustling downtown New York to the beautiful scenery of rural Alaska, from remote islands to the countryside. You can live where you want and move when necessary. Flexibility is essential for job satisfaction. Some schools are in regions with a higher cost of living, and school districts are also managed differently. Becoming an elementary teacher gives you the flexibility to test and switch options until you find the best working environment, unlike other occupations that may require working in specific cities.

Why Drury University?

You’ll need a reputable college if you are looking to major in elementary education.  Drury University’s evening and online program, Drury GO, offers flexible, accredited and affordable education that meets you where you are. Founded in 1873, Drury University has grown to become a Top 20 school in the Midwest according to U.S. News and World Report, with some of the best learning environments and leading accreditations.

A Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Drury comes with many advantages, including high placement rates across the country. Students have access to online or evening programs as well as part-time and full-time programs, ensuring flexible learning.

The elementary education program is geared towards preparing educators with a strong vision of schools as creative and energetic places. Drury students will participate in a series of real-life experiences, including reading practicum and student teaching. Anyone interested in sharing their passion for learning with other generations should consider a major in elementary education. It gives you the chance to start impacting the lives of children early in their first learning steps.

You can contact Drury GO at (417)873-7879 to find out more about their BS Elementary Education program.

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