CP&D Deadline: Summer 2021 Internships - June 7, 2021*

CP&D Deadline: Fall 2021 Internships - August 23, 2021*

*For late registration dates, see the Academic Calendar or contact Lisa Tessier at


Please reach out to Lisa Tessier in Career Planning & Development for any questions regarding fall 2020 or spring 2021 internships related to the evolving situation of the worldwide public health concern of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19.

What is an internship and why do one?

An internship is a supervised, real-world learning experience related to your major or career field. Internships allow you to:

  • explore a career field and determine if it is a good fit for your skills and interests.
  • form relationships with professionals who may help you connect to other companies, organizations or experiences.
  • demonstrate work-related knowledge and skills which will increase your marketability for future internships and full-time positions.

Internship Grants

Fusion Experiential Grants are available to fund extraordinary student projects, internships, and other transformational experiences. For deadlines, descriptions and application forms, check here.  

Internship Registration Information

If there is a possibility that your internship will put you in course overload, you must submit a completed and signed Request for Permission to Enroll for an Overload form to the registrar by the first day of the semester.

(Day School Students) – ACCT, ECON, FINC, MKTG, MGMT

(Day School Students) – BSCI, CRIM, PSYCH, SOC, Law & Society, Women & Gender Studies

(Day School Students) – All additional majors/minors excluding Architecture, Music Therapy, Education, and graduate students*

All majors/minors in evening and online programs

*Architechture, Music Therapy, Education and graduate students should speak with their advisor regarding credit requirements and procedures for internship/practicum credit.

Site Supervisor Internship Handbook  

Faculty Sponsor Internship Handbook

According to NACE Job Outlook 2018 survey: 

"Employers cited internship experience with the organization as the top factor influencing their decision when choosing between two otherwise equally qualified candidates, followed by whether the candidate has internship experience within the hiring organizations's industry."

International Students: Check our tip sheet for information specific to international students.