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Employer Policies

The office of Career Planning & Development (CP&D) at Drury University allows recruiting opportunities for employers interested in offering internship and employment positions to students and alumni that are approved though our office. We reserve the right to refuse services to employers that do not adhere to our policies, and any other rules/guidelines of Drury University.

CP&D adheres to Drury University’s mission, vision, and values and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Ethical Professional Practice and expects employers to do the same. It is the goal of CP&D to maintain a positive and collaborative working relationship with recruiters and employers who are interested in hiring our students and graduates. Our services include posting employment and internship opportunities through our online job board and networking platform, Handshake, and our CP&D-managed physical job board. In addition, we offer opportunities for employer on-campus recruitment, on-campus interviewing, and recruitment flyer promotion through social media.

CP&D has outlined policies and procedures that are designed to ensure a mutual understanding between CP&D and employers regarding on-campus recruitment, internships, job posting, interviewing, and maintaining the confidentiality of student data as outlined in the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). In addition, employers are required to abide by all state and federal laws including Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines (EEO).

Employer Job Board Approval Guidelines

  • CP&D encourages employers to promote job and internship opportunities through our online job board Handshake.
  • CP&D reserves the right to refuse service to any employer who violates Drury University’s mission, vision, and values and/or the NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice.
  • When registering on Handshake, incomplete employer information may result in approval being declined.
  • Employers wishing to post positions at private residences will not be approved access to Handshake. CP&D-reviewed positions at private residences will have access to post on our physical job board.   
  • CP&D reserves the right to refuse service to any employer if a review of the specific opportunity or nature/status of the company suggests that it is inappropriate for our service population; if students are injured or exposed to unsafe working conditions; if the employer discriminates; or if CP&D receives student complaints about discrimination, harassment, threats, unsafe working conditions, or any other questionable circumstance.
  • Employers who do not have a website with transparent content and access to open positions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for job board access approval.
  • CP&D reserves the right to review the employer’s website and each job description (whether a job posting or for an on-campus interview) for appropriateness.
  • Employers who do not have a searchable job history of verifiable employment opportunities will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and possibly declined.
  • Employers who do not use email addresses that match their company website domain will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for job board access approval (e.g. @gmail, @hotmail,
  • Employers must recruit all qualified candidates, regardless of age, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, socio-economic status, veteran status, ability, religion, and political beliefs.
  • Employers intending to post positions that are contingent on the candidate purchasing products, paying a fee, or signing up for subscription services will not be approved.
  • Political campaigns, regardless of political party, are allowed to post jobs and internship opportunities only. Anyone attempting to contact students and alumni through Handshake with the purpose of promoting and campaigning for a particular candidate or political party will have their site access removed.
  • CP&D does not recommend or select candidates for employers. Only after a position is posted and/or made available for all qualified candidates will CP&D be able to encourage an individual candidate to apply. This policy is designed to adhere to Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines (EEO).
  • CP&D will not approve companies or positions whose purpose is to produce, test, distribute, or promote the use of recreational marijuana, medical marijuana, or marijuana-based products (i.e. cannabis, hemp, CBD, etc.). As the use of marijuana is illegal at the federal level, and Drury University receives federal funds, and we must comply with federal law.

Job Posting Guidelines

  • Job Postings and emails must contain sufficient detail to convey clearly to the user the nature and basic requirements of the job opportunity.
  • Job postings must be actual, current openings for internships and/or traditional, W-2 or 1099 full or part-time positions.
  • Job postings or email communications may not contain anything that is sexually explicit, obscene, libelous, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, or hateful, or anything that is embarrassing or offensive to another person or entity.
  • Job postings or emails may not:
    • Require personal information at the time of application (such as bank and social security numbers).
    • Misrepresent the employer or position, whether defined by dishonest information or absence of information.
    • Be fraudulent.
    • Constitute harassment of Drury University students, alumni or staff.
    • Breach confidentiality as required by FERPA.
    • Violate Drury University rules and regulations.
    • Violate local, state or federal laws.

Third Party Recruitment Guidelines

CP&D follows the guidance established by NACE highlighted in the principles for third party, contractual, and staffing services. Since CP&D can neither research nor endorse Third Party Employment Services (TPES) agencies, guidelines have been established for the protection of students and alumni. CP&D reserves the right to deny access and participation to any third-party employer. In addition, Handshake maintains its own third-party recruiter guidelines that are outlined in their terms of service agreement. 

Third Party Employer Definition

Third-party employers are agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time employment opportunities other than for their own needs. This includes entities that refer or recruit for profit or not-for-profit, and it includes agencies that collect student information to be disclosed to employers for purposes of recruitment and employment.

Third Party: As Referral Agents

  • Employment Agencies – Organizations that list positions for a number of client organizations and receive payment when a referred candidate is hired. The fee for listing a position is paid either by the firm listing the opening (fee paid) or by the candidate who is hired.
  • Search Firms – Organizations that contract with clients to find and screen qualified persons to fill specific positions. The fees for this service are paid by the clients.
  • Contract Recruiter – Organizations that contract with an employer to act as the employer’s agent in the recruiting and employment function.
  • Online Job Posting or Resume Referral Services – For-profit or commercial organizations that collect data on job seekers and display job opportunities to which job seekers may apply. The data collected on job seekers are sent to prospective employers. Fees for using the services may exist for the employer, school, or job seeker.

Third Party: As Employers

In most cases, temporary agencies, staffing services, outsourcing contractors, or leasing firms will be treated as employers. However, should these firms recruit individuals to be employees of another organization, then the third-party professional conduct principles shall apply.

  • Temporary Agencies or Staffing Services – Temporary agencies or staffing services are employers, not third-party recruiters, and will be expected to comply with the professional conduct principles set forth for employer professionals. These are organizations that contract to provide individuals qualified to perform specific tasks or complete specific projects for a client organization. Individuals perform work at the client organization, but are employed and paid by the agency.
  • Outsourcing Contractors or Leasing Agencies – Outsourcing contractors or leasing agencies are employers, not third-party recruiters, and will be expected to comply with the professional conduct principles set forth for employer professionals. These are organizations that contract with client organizations to provide a specific functional area that the organization no longer desires to perform, such as accounting, technology services, human resources, cafeteria services, etc. Individuals hired by the outsourcing or leasing firm are paid and supervised by the firm, even though they work on the client organization’s premises.

Policy: Eligibility

  • TPES that charge a fee to the candidate will become ineligible to use any recruitment service.
  • Any TPES agency that is recruiting to fill their own agency position is considered a direct employer and will have the same access to recruitment services as any other direct-hiring employer.
  • Any TPES that is the direct-hiring party (temporary or staffing service) or contracted to work as or provide a service to the direct-hiring party (outsourcing contractors or leasing agents) is eligible to use all CP&D recruitment services.
  • Before any TPES may advertise a position for one of their clients they must identify the employer client to CP&D. The name of the employer client must be listed in the job posting. The posting must also clearly indicate that the candidate will be working through a third-party agency. If the TPES does not release this information or is unwilling to make the employer client name pubic, the position will not be advertised.

TPES must agree to the following before being allowed to use any recruitment service:

  • NO fees will be charged to the candidate(s) at any time throughout the employment process.
  • That they and the client organization they represent are equal opportunity employers.
  • Information about the candidate(s) will be distributed ONLY to the client organization of the position being advertised and will not be referred to other positions and/or client organizations.
  • They will disclose to students the name(s) of the client, or clients, that the third-party recruiter is representing and to whom the students’ credentials will be disclosed.
  • Third-party recruiters will not disclose to any employer, including the client-employer, any student information without obtaining prior written consent from the student. Under no circumstances can student information be disclosed other than for the original recruiting purposes nor can it be sold or provided to other entities.
  • Third-party recruiters attending career fairs or recruitment events will represent employers who have authorized them to recruit on their behalf and will disclose to CP&D the names of the represented client employers.

Any reported breach of these policies and/or agreement may result in de-activation of the TPES on-line account and termination of access to all recruitment services.

Internship Employer Policy

Employers are expected to maintain a professional and welcoming environment for student interns that fosters learning and mutual respect. Employers are encouraged to read CP&D’s Site Supervisor Internship Handbook for internship procedural details, including Internship Commitment Forms, site hours, and student evaluations. Internship positions can be part-time or full-time, and paid or unpaid.

  • Employers agree to follow all state and federal laws including Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines (EEO).
  • An Internship Supervisor will be assigned by the employer to oversee the student internship experience and will be the main CP&D contact for communication purposes.
  • Employers agree to adhere to Drury University’s mission, vision, and values and the NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice.
  • Site Supervisors and/or a representative of the employer will be requested by Drury University and CP&D to electronically sign/approve an Internship Commitment Form before a student can register for course credit.
  • Site Supervisors will be requested and expected to complete and submit a final evaluation towards the end of the academic semester in which the internship takes place (Sample Evaluation).

Any reported breach of these policies and/or agreement may result in the termination of access to all recruitment services.

On-Campus Recruiting and Interviewing Policy

All organizations, and their representatives, participating in on-campus interviews, recruitment services and/or events at Drury University must abide by Drury University’s mission, vision, and values and the Principles for Ethical Professional Practice as outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). CP&D reserves the right to bar any organization or their representative(s) who behave in an unethical or unprofessional manner.

  • Employers interested in on-campus recruiting and interviewing must contact CP&D to arrange permission and accommodation.
  • Employers who wish to recruit on campus will do so in a designated area that is pre-assigned and arranged through CP&D. Employers and their representative are expected to stay within the pre-assigned area when actively recruiting students and job candidates.
  • Employers who frequently register for CP&D sponsored events and consistently no-show or cancel with little notice may have future on-campus visits sponsored by CP&D limited or restricted.

Reports of employers soliciting, harassing, and/or badgering students who are not actively showing an interest in their organization may result in termination of access to all recruitment services.

Exceptions to Policies and Guidelines

CP&D reserves the right to make exceptions to these policies and guidelines as warranted by special circumstances, i.e., in certain situations deemed to be acceptable and beneficial to our students, CP&D, Drury University, or recruiters/employers using our services. Such exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any exception made does not constitute a change in policy, nor is there a guarantee that this same decision will apply in the future.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Drury University is fully committed to upholding and advancing the creation of a diverse and inclusive environment where every member of our community will treat each other with dignity and respect. We recognize that diverse experiences enrich our institution and all who pass through it. We honor, welcome, and respect all identities and perspectives.

At Drury, we define diversity as the differences that characterize people and communities, including age, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, socio-economic status, veteran status, ability, religion, political beliefs, and other ideologies. Inclusion is how we engage these differences to create a welcoming community and expand opportunities for cultural knowledge. Educational and workplace equity refers to providing opportunities that enable everyone to receive what they need to be successful as they work and learn at Drury.


The following policies and guidelines established for employers and employer representatives should be considered a good faith effort to vet all employers with the safety and security of our student population, alumni, faculty, staff, and key stakeholders in mind. Unfortunately, the reality is that scams and fraudulent activity can and do occur. Students, alumni, faculty, staff, and key stakeholders have a shared responsibility in researching each employment opportunity they are considering. CP&D cannot be held liable for any and all claims which may arise from using our services. 

Employer Resources

Whether you’re looking for your next amazing intern or a dynamic new addition to your full-time team, use our resources below to help you find a quality Drury candidate. You can post jobs and internships, set-up on-campus recruiting interviews or tables, browse student profiles, learn about internships, and register for job fairs.


Handshake is an online job/internship search platform offered to students and alumni. As an employer, you can post positions here for free that you would like Drury students and alumni to see. All you have to do is register and post! 

Handshake offers employers:

  • A tool to manage all of your job recruitment needs through the exclusive Handshake campus network.
  • A mobile experience – update your job postings, view applicants, search for candidates and reach out directly
  • A chance to be seen by ideal candidates – job seekers may select to view jobs based on their interests.

New users of Handshake

Ready to create an account with Handshake?

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. If you received an invite from Drury University Career Planning & Development, follow the link to begin the account creation process.
  2. If you’re signing up without an invite, visit Handshake’s new registration page.
  3. Select the Employer account type from the options presented.
  4. Complete the information requested and select Sign Up.

After you set up your account and confirm your email address, you will be prompted either to join your existing company profile (if you already use Handshake with other Universities) or to create a new company profile.

If your Company already has an Account/”Pending Approval to Join Company”: All new Employer Users need to be approved by existing staff members in order to join a company profile on Handshake. Any existing staff members already connected to the company profile will be notified that a new user has requested access.

Once CP&D staff has approved your profile you will be able to post jobs, request on-campus interviews, register for fairs, etc.

For full instructions on the set up process please visit the following resource guides:

Internship Information

Internships can be a mutually beneficial experience for both the employer and student. To learn more about the benefits and requirements of hiring a Drury University Intern, see our Site Supervisor Handbook.

Job Fairs

Drury sponsors an Annual Job/Internship Fair in February along with area colleges at the Springfield EXPO Center. Approximately 1,000 students and alumni attend the fair with over 200 employers and graduate schools. Employer registration is handled through Missouri State University and their contact information can be found here.

On Campus Recruiting and Interviewing

On-Campus Recruiting

We have opportunities for employers to come to Drury University’s campus and meet with students. If you would like to come to campus to recruit students, we will be able to offer you a reserved 8 ft. table for the day that you choose. We will only be able to accommodate up to 2 employers on a given day. To reserve a table/day in advance, please email Sierra Chitwood, Career Advisor, and she will schedule the visit for you. Please email at least two weeks in advance of the day you are hoping to reserve.

On-Campus Interviewing

CP&D utilizes Handshake to help manage the on-campus interviewing process between employers and students. Please email Sierra Chitwood, Career Advisor, if you are an employer interested in scheduling on-campus interviews.

Drury Workforce Partner

Are you an employer interested in partnering with Drury’s evening and online programs to offer an education discount to your workforce?  Please visit: Become a Drury Workforce Partner to learn more!