Global and Transnational Studies Minor

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Global and Transnational Studies offers students the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the world and the most pressing issues it faces. It combines essential global studies courses, a choice of a specialized focus area, intermediate study of foreign language, and study abroad. A minor in Global and Transnational Studies is ideal for students preparing for the broad range of professional careers and graduate programs of study that seek individuals with global proficiency, and for anyone who wishes to be an informed citizen prepared to engage with the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

The global and transnational studies minor requires 24 credit hours of coursework.

Study Abroad

All students are required to participate in a study abroad program. Students who believe that required travel would pose an extreme hardship may apply to substitute a globally relevant engaged learning activity, pending approval from the Global and Transnational Studies program director and steering committee.

*Equivalent TOEFL score may be substituted for non-native English speakers.