Allen Long

Allen LongInternational Admission Counselor
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Bachelor of Arts in English, Guangxi Normal University, China, 2008

Job description
I work with International students throughout their admissions process. Step by step, seamlessly helping our future Panthers move over to the Drury Family.

Favorite thing about Drury
The people - I love my Drury family! 

Favorite Springfield Restaurant
Arris' Pizza – someone once told me it was Brad Pitt's favorite pizza.

Favorite event both on campus and in Springfield
The International Food Festival on campus is definitely the number one event I look forward to attend every year! In Springfield, I like the First Friday Art Walk.

Hobby (what you like to do)
I enjoy playing the guitars to my cats. They usually yell at me for doing that to them. Other than that I love reading and doodling.

Fun fact
I met my favorite band on a high speed train ride in an early Saturday morning. The band invited me to sit with them and sing some of their songs together.

Most interesting item in your office
The shoulder puppet I adopted at a Renaissance Fair in Florida.


International freshmen and international transfer students