Administration of Premonstratensian Women's Monasteries in 12th and 13th Century Germany

Monks and nuns together in a monastery? Dr. Shelley Wolbrink’s research examines the administration of  Premonstratensian women’s monasteries  in 12th and 13th century Germany. She extracts information from previously ignored witness lists, letters, property charters, and papal confirmations to demonstrate that male and female religious frequently worked together to coordinate economic transactions, make administrative decisions, and/or request the best relics.  The article, “Necessary Priests and Lay Brothers: Male-Female Cooperation in the Premonstratensian Women’s Monasteries of Meer and Füssenich, 1140-1255” appears in Partners in Spirit: Men, Women, and Religious Life in Germany, 1100 - 1500, ed. by Fiona J. Griffiths and Julie Hotchin (Brepols  2014).  

More information on how gender, spirituality, and authority intermingled in a medieval monastery can be found in the book’s description.