Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies Degree Requirements

Most students considering careers in architecture should follow the requirements and courses of study described below for the Master of Architecture degree. This five-year program leads to a nationally accredited professional degree meeting the requirements for eventual licensure.

For various reasons, some students may prefer the four-year non-accredited pre-professional Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies. Since the courses of study for these two degrees are identical for the first seven semesters of either program, students may freely declare or change major paths at any point prior to applying for graduation. It is important that students carefully consider the ramifications of degree-path selection, since the B.S.A.S. degree will require a subsequent graduate-level accredited professional degree from another institution prior to licensure. Students receiving the Drury B.S.A.S. degree will not be eligible to also receive the Drury M. Arch. Degree, since both are considered undergraduate degrees. Degree-path options and selections should be discussed carefully with advisors, and students opting for the B.S.A.S. path who have particular career goals may benefit from consulting advising plans available in the office of the HSA Associate Dean.

In order to earn the B.S.A.S. degree, students must:

  1. Earn a minimum total of 124 credit hours.
  2. Satisfy all Drury Core curriculum requirements.
  3. Complete, with a minimum grade of C-, all of the following required courses:

    ARTZ 123, MATH 211 (or equivalent, or higher), PHYS 201, ARTZ 111, ARCH 124, ARCH 213, ARCH 214, ARCH 225, ARCH 233, ARCH 234, ARCH 251, ARCH 252, ARCH 253, ARCH 315, ARCH 334, ARCH 335, ARCH 356, ARCH 417, ARCH 418, ARCH 426 (or ARCH 428), ARCH 456 (or ARCH 458), ARCH 461, and ARCH 467.

  4. Complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of Free Electives with designations other than ARCH.
  5. Complete an approved international architecture program experience with a minimum duration of 5 weeks.
  6. Complete 360 hours of approved internship experience.

Recommended Course of Study for the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies:

Students wishing to graduate with the B.S.A.S. should follow the recommended M. Arch. course of study through their 4th year fall semester. The 4th year spring semester is available to these students to take any courses needed to meet Drury Core requirements or to satisfy career goals. It is recommended that students combine the B.S.A.S. requirements with minors, other majors, or coursework in fields complementary to architecture. The HSA publishes advising plans to assist students in choosing complementary coursework.

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