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Our setting within a small liberal arts university makes the Hammons School of Architecture program unlike any other. With a close-knit community of students, faculty, and alumni coupled with a curriculum that encourages exploration and community outreach, HSA students build a foundation that will support them throughout their careers.

Effective Curriculum
The HSA provides an extremely effective preparation for successful practice and with great efficiency: most students graduate with an M.Arch. in only 5 years, rather than the national average of 6 years.

Personalized Education
We emphasize one-to-one instruction from talented and connected professors, in classes and studios with low student-faculty ratios. We support student involvement in music performance, athletics, student government, and other extra-curricular activities. 

Hands-On Experience
Exploration of materials and construction is supported by an advanced workshop with both traditional and digital fabrication capabilities, including laser cutting, CNC routing, and 3-D printing. 

Celebrated Students, Alumni, and Faculty
The HSA prepares graduates for design excellence and professional leadership.  Active and accomplished faculty work directly with students and remain connected with alumni.

Global Connections
HSA alumni can be found in 41 states and 16 countries. All students are required to study abroad for at least 5 weeks and complete 360 paid internship hours in architectural offices or related activities. 


A personalized approach and flexible curriculum in a supportive liberal arts setting


Hands-on teaching and learning with an emphasis on community engagement


A 5-year M.ARch degree and high rates of professional success


Global citizens – all students study abroad and complete internships


Students, graduates and faculty create award-winning design and research

A Different Kind of Architecture Education