Registration Basics

Online Registration

Online registration begins at 8 a.m. on the first day of advance registration and stays open through the first week of the semester on MyDrury. All registration dates/times are based on the number of hours completed (not including current enrollments). Your assigned registration date/time is specified in MyDrury.

To view your registration date:

Step 1: Login to MyDrury

Step 2: Select the Student tab

Step 3: Select My Registration on the left side of the page

Step 4: The registration date/time assigned to you will appear under Your advance registration opens:

Full Registration Instructions

Other Registration Procedures

All registration forms can be found in MyDrury on the student tab under Registration Forms. 


Students may drop and add coursework by completing an official Change of Schedule Form and submitting it to the Office of Records & Registration. Class non-attendance does not constitute a drop and will not remove charges or prevent a failing grade. After the add/drop period, students may submit a change of schedule form to withdraw from a class.

Directed Study/Research/Art Studio

The Directed Study and Research/Studio Registration forms must be turned in during the add/drop period at the beginning of the semester.


Registration for more than 17 hours total or more than 7 hours in a block constitutes an academic overload. An approved Request to Enroll for an Overload must be submitted during the add/drop period of the semester or block to register for overload. Overload is not permitted in Summer, May, or Winter Terms. Overload hours will result in additional charges. Financial assistance may be granted on overload courses.


Juniors and seniors have the option of taking an elective course of their choice on an S/U basis. The last day to designate this option is the end of the second week of classes. Courses that meet graduation requirements may not be taken S/U. To request S/U grading, contact the Office of Records & Registration.

Withdrawal from all Semester Classes

If you must withdraw from your courses before or after the semester begins, written notice to the Dean of Students is essential. Verbal notification to a faculty or staff member is insufficient to remove charges or prevent failing grades.

Official Drop/Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Students are free to make changes to their course schedule in accordance with policies and deadlines established by the Registrar’s Office each year. The responsibility for initiating and completing a drop or withdrawal process rests with the student. All schedule changes are based on the date the application is filed with the registrar. No other notice will suffice. Nonattendance of classes does not constitute official drop or withdrawal.

Each year the university publishes a calendar guide for institutional refunds and complies with the Return of Title IV Funds policy for federal programs. Each term/block will have a specific published refund period during which students will receive a full refund for any dropped courses dropped by 5:00 p.m. on the published date. Generally, students may receive a 100 percent refund for full semester and A-block classes dropped by the second Friday of the semester in Fall or Spring term; B-Block classes dropped by the first Friday of the B-block in Fall or Spring Term; May Term courses dropped by the third calendar day of the May Term; Summer full term and A-Block classes dropped by the first Friday of the Summer Term; Summer B-Block classes dropped by the first Friday of the B-Block in Summer Term; and Winter Term Classes dropped by the third calendar day of the Winter Term. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific add/drop deadlines and other important semester dates.

Course withdrawals after the published refund date for any term/block are fully charged and the course will appear as a “withdrawn” on the student transcript.

Applicable refunds for students receiving federal and/or state financial aid will be calculated in reference to the student’s date of notification of withdrawal, last date of academic attendance or the midpoint of the period.

If a student has an unpaid account with the university, any tuition refund due from a drop will be applied to such unpaid accounts.

For courses that are scheduled out of sequence of the regular fall, winter, spring and summer semesters, the day published as the first day of the semester or term constitutes the beginning of the course for tuition refund purposes. No refunds are available for courses scheduled out of sequence after the course has commenced.