Registration Basics

Online registration begins at 8 a.m. on the first day of advance registration and stays open through the first week of the semester on MyDrury. All registration dates/times are based on the number of hours completed (not including current enrollments). Your assigned registration date/time is specified in MyDrury.

To view your date/time:

  1. Login to MyDrury
  2. Select the ‘Student’ tab
  3. Select ‘My Registration’ link on the left
  4. The registration date/time assigned to you will appear in ‘Your advance registration opens

Holds that have been applied to you that prevent registration are listed under ‘Your registration hold information.’ These holds must be resolved in order to register for an upcoming semester.

Undergraduate students may register for up to 17 hours via online registration. To enroll in 18 hours or more, please submit an approved Request for Permission to Enroll for an Overload Form to the Registrar’s Office by 5 p.m. on the first day of the semester. For guidance on choosing courses and confirming that you have met all prerequisites to enroll in a particular course, please see your advisor or consult the Academic Catalog as applicable to your course of study.

Registration for an internship, research, art studio, or directed study requires a Permission to Register for Special Coursework form. This form must be turned in at the Registrar’s Office no later than published “last date to change course schedule” on the academic calendar each semester.

Students who have registered for classes, may revisit and revise their schedules online as many times as they wish through the first week of the semester.