How to Declare Major or Minor

As stated in the Drury University catalog, all students must have a declared major on file prior to the completion of 60 hours. 

In order to declare major(s)/minor(s), students should:

Step 1: Log into MyDrury

Step 2: Select the Student Tab

Step 3: Select "Student Forms"

Step 4: Select the “Day School Declaration of Major/Minor/Advisor Form" link

On tab one of the form, currently declared major(s)/minor(s) are displayed. Students may remove major(s)/minor(s) by choosing "yes" from the dropdown menu. On tab two, students may declare new major(s)/minor(s). Following the major/minor information, on tab three, students may change their academic advisor. Students switching from one academic department to another, for their major, must declare a new advisor for the major they will be declaring.