The Drury Mentoring Network is a Student-Alumni mentoring program that brings together students and alumni in purposeful, mutually rewarding relationships, introducing students to alumni from different backgrounds, class years, programs, and industries.

Mentoring Program Goals

  • Add value to the Drury students educational experience with professional advice and perspectives
  • Promote the meaningful engagement of both alumni and students within the community
  • Facilitate professional development that will assist students in building and cultivating long term career relationships

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Career Planning & Development

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Mentor Spotlight: Caitlyn Kissee '09

Networking Before You Need It

"You often hear the phrase, 'It's not what you know, it's who you know.' While I have found this to be true, I heard a quote that took this idea a step further recently and I think it hits the nail on the head. 'It's not what you know or who you. It's how well you know each other that counts.'" 

Mentor Spotlight: Kelli Maddock '14

Fiji Time: Finding Balance

"Life is slower here. You are encouraged to stop and smell hibiscus flowers! But, mostly it is learning to be still and wait. Finding balance is complicated because we make it so."

Mentor Spotlight: Doyal Bryant '75

A Brand New World

"If you are concerned that your creativity may be stifled in a corporate environment, don’t despair. Today, there are so many more opportunities to thrive in business without having to climb that corporate ladder." 

Mentor Spotlight: Roy Richter '72

Creating a Circle

"Drury graduates are leaders in any number of fields, and by meeting and cultivating friendships with a wide variety of people, the odds of finding someone who can 'open the door' for you increases exponentially."

Mentor Spotlight: Sarah (Stremme) Lacy '09

Create Your Own Journey

"Nothing will teach you more about the world or yourself like moving to a country you know nothing about and a culture so different from your own."

Mentor Spotlight: Matt Klauser '05, CPA, CM&AA, CHFP

How to Persevere

"My former Drury soccer coach gave me some advice that I've carried with me since: 'Focus on what you can control.'"

Mentor Spotlight: Penny Dodd '98

First Impressions: What You Don't Say Matters

"In only a few seconds, people decide what kind of person you are and if you’re someone they can trust or not. You have to make that first impression count."

Contact Us

Career Planning & Development

Office: (417) 873-7284