Drury Mentoring Network

The Drury Mentoring Network is a Student-Alumni mentoring program that brings together students and alumni in purposeful, mutually rewarding relationships, introducing students to alumni from different backgrounds, class years, programs, and industries.

Mentoring Program Goals

  • Add value to the Drury students educational experience with professional advice and perspectives
  • Promote the meaningful engagement of both alumni and students within the community
  • Facilitate professional development that will assist students in building and cultivating long term career relationships

How It Works & Who It Benefits

  • Alumni and students sign up to participate in the mentoring program through the online applications. Pairs are matched based on student preferences and interests. Pairs are notified of the match and provided with resources, talking points and ideas throughout the academic year.
  • Mentors form powerful one-on-one connections with their mentees, providing valuable resources, insight, and exposure to the larger alumni community. Mentors are able to stay connected to the innovation that drives Drury, while giving back to their alma mater in a meaningful way and having a lasting impact on students.
  • Mentors and students are encouraged to connect monthly for a couple of hours. It could be remotely through email, phone, FaceTime or Social Media or it could be a face-to-face meeting at a public place, like a coffee shop or a professional business. Mentor pairs should discuss what will be most beneficial to the partnership and determine contact opportunities that will work for the alumni and the student.

Get Involved

The Drury Mentoring Network helps prepare a new generation of innovative leaders who will improve the world.

We believe the way in which mentorship experiences are forged and maintained is absolutely crucial. Both students and alumni must approach this relationship with an open mind, respect, honesty, and clear expectations for what they are hoping to get out of the mentoring relationship.

Become a Mentor (Alumni) Find a Mentor (Students) 

Mentorship can be an important and challenging learning experience and different people react in different ways. We are here to serve as a resource to help both mentors and mentees manage expectations make the most of their invaluable mentoring experience.