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The Bachelors of Science in Computer Science-Game Development is designed for those wishing to find positions as game developers or to pursue graduate work in either computer science or a related digital media program. It is one component of Drury’s media production program. The program requires a core of computer science courses (23 hours) covering essential elements of the Computer Science Body of Knowledge that all computer science graduates must master. In addition to the core computer science courses, 15 additional hours of computer science course work in game development is required. An additional 12 hours of supporting course work from media arts courses is required, along with 11 hours of mathematics.

The Computer Science-Game Development major requires 58 credit hours of coursework.

A grade of C or higher must be achieved in CSCI 251. A grade of C or higher must be achieved in CSCI 261 and MATH 231/MATH 236 in order to proceed to CSCI 262.