The Honors Curriculum (for students entering Fall 2019 or later)

Drury’s honors program is designed to provide rigorous and innovative courses to intellectually ambitious students.  Honors courses enhance the interdisciplinary character of Drury’s Engaging Our World curriculum as well as a student’s major field of study. In addition, the honors senior colloquium and research project allows students to pursue in-depth study in an area of their own design, with the support of Drury faculty. 

Requirements for the Bachelor's or Master's Degree with Honors 

In order for a student who has been admitted the Drury University Honors Program to graduate with a bachelor’s or master’s degree with honors, the student must satisfactorily complete the following:

  • Earn a Drury GPA of 3.75.
  • Complete a minimum of 16 honors credit hours.
    • Complete Honors FUSE 101, Honors FUSE 102, HNRS 275, HNRS 301, or HNRS 302 (3 hours)
    • Complete a minimum of two additional honors seminars from the list below (6 hours total) (*must take one honor seminar in second year and one seminar in third year to remain in good standing in the program)
      • HNRS 275: Nature
      • HNRS 301: Great Ideas
      • HNRS 302: Great Conversations
    • Honors Option Contract (3 hrs.) (*300 or 400 level class only unless approved by Honors Director) 
    • HNRS 250: Honors Reading Seminar (1 hr.) 
    • Honors Project or Student-Faculty Research (3-6 hrs.) (*research is a two semester sequence, credit hour requirements depend on major) 
    • HNRS 410: Honors Portfolio (0 hrs.) 
  • Co-Curricular Requirements 
    • Present a paper at an academic conference
    • Attend one speaker/film/art/museum event per semester on campus after admission into program, spring or fall semester study abroad experience, or complete a foreign language through the second year or equivalent OPI score
    • 30 hours of community service after admission into the program
    • 2 Presentations at Spring/Fall Honors Symposiums or HNRS 250 Honors Reading Seminar leading
    • Present Honors Project at Spring Honors Banquet

Students can apply up to 6 credit hours of transferred honors course-work.