M.Ed. Graduation Requirements

In order to be recommended for the degree of M.Ed. a student must satisfy the following conditions in addition to the requirements for graduation found in the Academic Catalog as well as the following: 

  1. The successful completion of EDUC 700 Capstone Seminar or designated culminating course during the last nine hours prior to graduation. Successful completion of a written or oral, comprehensive, master’s degree examination is required as a part of the Capstone Seminar course or culminating graduate course experience.

  2. Due to state board rules pertaining to provisional certification students for the Drury Alternative Track in Special Education (DATSE), a track within the M.Ed., may need to complete all required coursework within a time line specified by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

  3. Successful completion of an electronic portfolio, to include specific artifacts, key assessments and reflections.

  4. All graduate degree program requirements must be completed within seven calendar years (including transfer work) after the student has begun graduate-level work.

Grade Requirements for State Teacher Certification

Graduate students also seeking state teacher certification must meet the grade criteria listed at