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Personal Information

Additional Information

Criminal Record Check Release and Caregiver Background Screening Release

I agree to complete the criminal background check located at (required payment and processing fee). I understand that the Drury University School of Education and Child Development will have access to the results of the check that will indicate any arrests, reports of sexual abuse, family violence, or child abuse my record may contain. I also agree to release Drury University and its employees from future liability for any negligent act, omission, or fault arising from or related to this criminal record or background screeing check and any information contained in them. I do not, however, waive my rights to hold Drury University responsible for any harm caused by the intentional or grossly negligent conduct of its employees. I understand that Drury University will use the information obtained from this criminal record check and caregiver background check to determine my eligibility for admission to the Teacher Education Program. Drury's consideration of my application to the program is offered in exchange for this release.

Transcript and Data Release

I authorize the Drury University Registrar to prepare copies of my undergraduate and graduate transcripts to be included in my School of Education and Child Development file. These transcripts will be used in determining my eligibility for admission to the Teacher Education Program and for advisory purposes by the Director of the School of Education and Child Development. I also understand that the School of Education and Child Development is required to report annual data to the U.S. Department of Education and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in accordance with Title II regulations. Information reported may include, and not be limited to, academic and demographic information (i.e. Social Security Number, standardized test results, gender, and ethnicity).

EDA (Educator Disposition Assessment)

I acknowledge that dispositions identified in The Educator Disposition Assessment (EDA) apply to the university setting, courses, early practicum experiences, and the final internship. I recognize that a strong correlation exists between the dispositions of teachers and the quality of their students’ learning. I know that teachers who care about their students and are willing to exert the effort needed to ensure the classroom is a productive learning environment, possess the professional dispositions outlined in the EDA. I am aware that my professional dispositions will be assessed throughout the teacher education program and will have a bearing on decisions made regarding eligibility to complete in a successful manner.