Art History Major

The program in art history offers:

  1. Introductory courses designed to develop appreciation and increased understanding of the fine arts and their contribution to the cultural life of society.
  2. Advanced courses leading to an academic major or minor in art history, design arts or fine arts.
  3. Special programs formulated to prepare the student for graduate study or a professional career.
  4. Support courses leading to a professional degree in architecture and state certification in art education.

This major is for students who wish to develop an appreciation and increased understanding of the various roles that the visual arts have played in different historical contexts from the prehistoric period to the present. This major is also appropriate for students who are considering application to graduate school for art history, museum studies, art criticism or art-architectural conservation. It is strongly recommended that art history majors spend a semester studying abroad.

Prior to selecting a major, students should consult with their advisor and the program director for art and art history. All students who decide to major in art or art history should officially elect a faculty member from the department as their formal advisor and consult with that faculty member prior to course registration each semester.

The Art History major requires 27 credit hours of coursework.

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses.

Please note that ARTH 495: Capstone Research should be taken in the fall semester of the year the student graduates.


Required Courses (6 hours)