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The Department of Design and Visual Arts offers three majors and minors:

Students are presented the opportunity to display their artwork at the Pool Art Center which is open to the public during the monthly Art Walk.

By majoring in the arts, students can take courses in a variety of art forms including photography, painting, graphic design, ceramics, sculpture and more. Students are also encouraged to engage in research in their chosen discipline and study abroad to prepare for graduate studies in the arts.

Contact Us:

Rebecca Miller

Professor of Design and Visual Arts and Department Chair
Pool Art Center 207
Office: (417) 873-6337

Meet the Faculty

Gargoyle looking over Paris.

Art History

Crafting with clay.

Fine Arts

Student drawing on a Wacom tablet.

Graphic & Digital Arts

Our Studios & Facilities

Pool Art Center

The Pool Art Center is home to the Pool Art Center Gallery as well as studios for analog photography, commercial photography, drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpture. Students may also apply to one of our eight independent studios which are dedicated to developing their own work outside of class requirements.

Rose O’Neill House

The Rose O’Neill House displays student works on a monthly basis. Artist Rose O’Neill, creator of the Kewpie Doll, once lived at this residence. While the first floor is a dedicated gallery space, students may apply to live on the second floor of this historic building.