Real-World Experiences


Ready to dive into some real-world problems that stretch your mind and challenge your capabilities?  You will graduate with at least three hands-on experiences that begin as early as your freshman year.  How many you complete is up to you, but FUSION requires you have at least three.

  • Meaningful hands-on learning experiences take place inside and outside of class. This includes independent projects, research, internships, team projects, service, and other activities.

  • The focus is on learning by doing, constant reflection and iteration, and collaboration. You will create prototypes, facilitate workshops, make graphic novels and learn to decipher big data to name just a few experiences.

  • You will develop a deep understanding of theoretical principles, a strong sense of yourself intellectually and of your place in the world while gaining critical skills in the practical application of knowledge.

  • You will earn credentials that certify the value of your real-world experiences. These become part of your self-curated digital portfolio that can then be used with prospective employers and graduate or professional schools.

  • A competitive advantage, you will have proven experience in your field making you ready, day one, to contribute to business, non-profit, government or any other organization.