Drury University has partnered with Watermark as the campus assessment and electronic portfolio tool of choice for schools and programs.

Student Learning and Licensure (formerly Via) by Watermark

Student Learning and Licensure (formerly Via) is a modern and flexible platform to assess student learning in the classroom, field, and co-curricular activities, report on learning outcomes achievement, and provide students with timelines of work and ePortfolios to track and share their learning journeys.

Benefits for Students

Student Learning and Licensure (formerly Via) allows you to create an e-portfolio that will be required for the Fusion curriculum. With Watermark, you have the opportunity to more deeply engage in your learning by documenting and reflecting on your experiences both inside and outside the classroom, tracking growth, receiving real-time feedback from instructors on how to improve, and showcasing and sharing key work samples throughout your time at the institution and even after graduation. In addition, you have a centralized system for:

  • Managing and organizing your coursework
  • Storing all of your academic files and works samples, including service learning, internship, and field experience outside the classroom
  • Collaborating with your peers and receiving timely feedback from instructors
  • Developing multiple, personalized ePortfolios containing a variety of file types (audio, video, images, etc.) that can be shared with anyone, including potential employers
  • Authoring reflective journals, projects, assignments, and other web-based documents for all learning experiences

Privacy and Sharing Information

  • Who can see work submitted for an assignment? Only the instructor of the course will be able to see any assignments uploaded; your work is completely private until you add it to a showcase ePortfolio and share that ePortfolio.
  • Who can see work uploaded to a Timeline in Student Learning and Licensure (formerly Via)? No one can see your work until you add it to a showcase and share it.
  • How to share a showcase ePortfolio? After the showcase is created, go to the Share tab to make it Public. Student Learning and Licensure (formerly Via) will generate a unique URL for the ePortfolio which can be shared through social media (i.a. Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn).

Benefits for Faculty 

  • Create a streamlined workspace to manage all of your assessment activity, without having to leave or double enter work into your LMS
  • Reduce course prep time with the ability to reuse materials from term to term
  • Build interactive, customizable assessments that enhance student engagement
  • Directly and indirectly evaluate student learning outcomes, program objectives, and institutional mission and goals
  • Connect with students more quickly and directly with feedback
  • Access assessment data instantly to reflect on student learning, course, and curriculum improvement
  • Enjoy virtual file storage and abilities to author web-based assignments, as well as your own documents, journals, and projects
  • Prepare your professional and personal customizable portfolios that showcase scholarly work, professional accomplishments, service to the institution, development goals, and assessments

Planning and Self-Study by Watermark

Planning and Self-Study is a planning and management platform that allows documentation, analysis, and archival of outcomes assessment at any or all levels of the institution by utilizing an evidence-based approach to continuous improvement. Watermark Planning & Self-Study helps institutions more easily collect and report on assessment planning efforts across departments, programs, and colleges to meet goals for continuous improvement and accreditation. Watermark Planning & Self-Study centralizes planning, program review, and accreditation reporting processes, directly connects planning and assessment data, and integrates with other campus data sources. This module will be used for accreditation preparation, annual outcomes assessment and program review. In addition to leveraging an innovative architectural foundation, Planning & Self-Study offers unique capabilities, including:

  • Intelligent curriculum mapping
  • Longitudinal and roll-up reporting on outcomes and measures
  • Results management and action planning tools to close the loop
  • The ability to generate a self-study for regional accreditation

Watermark Planning & Self-Study links assessment planning directly to classroom data for better reflection and action planning. Users can align outcomes to courses in an intelligent curriculum map — which populates alignments between courses and outcomes based on measures created in planning — and directly link course data at even the section level to assessment plans. With streamlined views of results and past actions, administrators can roll up assessment data from multiple courses to determine progress against a measure and report on institutional learning outcomes across various courses and programs. Longitudinal reporting allows administrators to view outcome trends over time and easily compare across planning cycles on progress toward goals, types of measures, and actions taken.

With these capabilities, we can more easily track where and how outcomes are being assessed, pinpoint gaps in curriculum, identify and monitor the effectiveness of improvement actions, and ensure assessment plans continue to improve each cycle — all while being able to generate a regional accreditation report from this work within a single, centralized system.

Common use cases in Planning & Self Study include:

  • Degree program and non-instructional assessment
  • Accreditation preparation (self-studies, reaffirmations, and compliance)
  • Annual outcomes assessment (discipline specific, non-academic units)
  • Program review
  • Strategic planning

Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) by Watermark

Note: this product is currently only being used by faculty in the Breech School of Business.

Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) by Watermark organizes and builds reports on teaching, research and service activities. It enables faculty to keep track of your activity information just once so that many outputs can be prepared, such as annual activity reports, promotion and tenure documents, accreditation reports, CV, and more. It also assists administration in responding to requests for faculty-related data, rather than needing to continually ask for the information thereby enabling the Drury campus to communicate more effectively about faculty accomplishments. To collect, understand and report on faculty activities and accomplishments for accreditation, grants, annual review, and promotion and tenure, and to provide you with better resources to showcase and reflect on the full picture of your work and contributions to the institution and your field.

Visit the Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) guides.

Sounds awesome! How do I log on?

Students and faculty with a Watermark account may log in using the Onelogin link on MyDrury.

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For additional help, contact: 

Jeff Riggins
Director of Academic Affairs Support Services and Watermark Project Manager/Administrator
(417) 873-7225

You may also contact your school Student Learning and Licensure (formerly Via) Administrator: 

Department of Fine & Performing Arts
(417) 873-7296

Tonya Bolin
Breech School of Business
(417) 873-7508

Sherri Peterson
School of Education
(417) 873-6685

Kevin Ritter
School of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
(417) 873-7770

Carrie Henry
Department of Communication
(417) 873-3014

Matthew Hicks
School of Architecture
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Shannon Cuff
College of Graduate Studies
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Lori Sechler
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
(417) 873-7223

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