Computer Science: Game Development

Is your dream to create the hottest new video game? Do you want to build interactive systems that solve problems? Maybe you'd like to help create better ways of teaching and learning?

Whatever your dreams in game development, Drury's Game Development program can help make them a reality. This cutting edge program helps prepare graduates for careers in game development and/or graduate work in digital media. 

About the Program

The Bachelors of Science in Computer Science-Game Development is designed for those wishing to find positions as game developers or to pursue graduate work in either computer science or a related digital media program. It is one component of Drury’s media production program. The program requires a core of computer science courses (23 hours) covering essential elements of the Computer Science Body of Knowledge that all computer science graduates must master. In addition to the core computer science courses, 15 additional hours of computer science course work in game development is required. An additional 12 hours of supporting course work from media arts courses is required, along with 11 hours of mathematics.

A grade of C- or higher must be achieved in the 200-level courses listed below.

Required Courses (38 hours)

CSCI 241: Discrete Mathematics
CSCI 251: Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI 261: Data Structures
CSCI 262: Algorithms
CSCI 277: Web and Mobile Application Development
CSCI 355: Database
CSCI 371: Software Engineering
CSCI 282: Foundations of Game Development
CSCI 315: 3D Game Development
CSCI 474: Al for Game Development
CSCI 475: Game Development Practicum 1
CSCI 476: Game Development Practicum 2

Game Development Support Courses (23 hours)

Support courses in Applied Media Program (12 hours)
COMM 216: Multimedia Story Telling
ANIM 121: Computer Animation I
ANIM 221: Computer Animation II

One course selected from:
ANIM 361: Advanced Modeling
ANIM 362: Rigging
ANIM 363: Particles & Dynamics

Math Requirements

MATH 231: Calculus I
MATH 232: Calculus II
MATH 235: Linear Algebra

Students interested in graduate school in computer science are encouraged to complete a minor in mathematics, including linear algebra and differential equations. Graduate study in analysis of algorithms and the study of computability theory require an advanced understanding of mathematics.