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Asian Studies Minor

This multi-disciplinary program offers courses from different departments to help students understand the cultures, languages, belief systems and history in East Asia. Students must complete eighteen credit hours to earn a minor in Asian Studies. We strongly encourage students to study abroad as a means of fulfilling the language component and the elective requirements. The Asian studies minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours.

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses.

Required Courses: 9 hrs
CHIN 101: Elementary Mandarin I*
CHIN 102: Elementary Mandarin II*
HIST 109: Asian History to 1700

*Students can take Japanese at the Foreign Language Institute in place of Mandarin

Choose a total of 9 hours from the following electives:
(select from two different departments)

ARTH 370: Asian Art and Architecture
HIST 212: Food, Culture and Identity in Asia
HIST 213: China: Film & History
HIST 325: Gender and Culture: East Asia
HIST 346: History of Modern China
HIST 347: History of Modern Japan
PHIL 218: Confucianism
PHIL 219: Daoism
PHIL 310: Asian Ethics

RELG 206: Eastern Religions and Philosophies
RELG 315: Buddhism and the Joy of Being Awake
HIST/PHIL/ RELG 390: Selected Topics in Asian Studies

Selected topics should be confirmed with the director of Asian Studies for consideration as minor credit.