The Drury Center in Greece

About the Drury Center in Greece

The Drury Center is based in the city of Aegina, Greece, and is the flagship program for Drury's extensive Study Abroad offerings. Academic work is done in collaboration with the city's educational, cultural and technical agencies.

This Week in Aegina

November 23, 2015

A view of Aegina from “the other side”!  Two of our students went camping on the island of Angistri, right across the water from the port and town of Aegina and this was the picture that they took at sunset. Here, facing east, is the hilly profile of Aegina, with its highest peak, Oros, just above the semi submerged tree’s uppermost tip.  The following day, they came home having “bragging rights” to their personal little adventure!   
Photograph by Brandon Roellig

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