Study Abroad Health Information

Once approved to participate in a study abroad program, you should start thinking about all accompanying aspects of your decision. One of the most critical factors is your health.

Each student’s health is crucial not only to a high-quality learning experience abroad, but also to your own safety and security.

We require students to complete a Health Inventory form to self-disclose any personal, medical, physical, and psychological conditions which may affect their study abroad.

All information provided is confidential. The disclosures help deal with unexpected situations abroad, and find a better solution to any medical emergency.

Students must be knowledgeable about local conditions while they are abroad, and their personal fitness in the local environment. We strongly recommend and require each student to discuss his/her health with his/her doctor.

A valuable source of information is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website. Students will find here more information on recommended and required vaccinations necessary for each destination. However, they should still discuss their travel plans and personal health with a health-care provider to determine which vaccines they will need.

Important: This website is not a complete medical guide for travelers to any region in the world. Consult with your doctor for specific information related to your needs and your medical history; recommendations may differ significantly.