Asian Studies Minor

Program of Study

Asian Studies is in line with Drury's educational goals to "cultivate spiritual sensibilities and imaginative faculties as well as ethical insight and critical thought; to foster the integration of theoretical and practical knowledge; and to liberate persons to participate responsibly in and contribute to life in a global community." The program concentrates on the large region of Asia, from East Asia, Southeast Asia to South Asia. The Asian Studies Program is designed to integrate an array of disciplines, providing an opportunity for students to examine and comprehend the profound and complex nature of the region.

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses.

Required Courses: 9 hrs
CHIN 101: Elementary Mandarin I
CHIN 102: Elementary Mandarin II

HIST 109: Asian History to 1700

Choose a total of 9 hours from the following electives:
(select from two different departments)

ARTH 370: Asian Art and Architecture
HIST 212: Food, Culture and Identity in Asia
HIST 213: China: Film & History
HIST 306: History and Culture of Taiwan
HIST 325: Gender and Culture: East Asia
HIST 346: History of Modern China
HIST 347: History of Modern Japan
HIST 374: Social History of India
MGMT 426: International Management - China
PHIL 211: Asian Ethics
PHIL 218: Confucianism
RELG 206: Eastern Religions and Philosophies
RELG 315: Buddhism and the Joy of Being Awake

HIST/PHIL/ RELG 390: Selected Topics in Asian Studies

Selected topics should be confirmed with the director of Asian Studies for consideration as minor credit.

Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad as a means of fulfilling the language component and the elective requirements. It is recommended that students study at our partner school, Tsinghua University, Beijing, for at least one semester.