Other Majors/Minors Internships

Where do I start?

  1. Discuss your internship plans with your faculty sponsor. (see Faculty Sponsor below)
  2. Apply for and secure an internship. (see Internship Locations/Sites below)
  3. Complete the online Internship Learning Contract form and the Permission to Register for Special Coursework (see Forms below)
  4. Read email notifications for final steps on how to submit paperwork to Career Planning and Development in order to register for credit (see Deadlines below).

NOTE: Submit summer semester internship paperwork before leaving campus for the summer.


  • Internship credit cannot be granted retroactively, which means you must be registered for internship credit during the same semester in which your internship is completed.
  • Existing jobs do not qualify for internship college credit; this is meant to be a new learning experience.
  • Family members cannot act as site supervisors, so if you are doing an internship in a family business, identify someone not related to you to oversee the internship.
  • You must complete all internship site hours within the semester at the same site under one site supervisor (though you may rotate through various departments for a broad based experience).


Internship Learning Contract

Permission to Register for Special Coursework (under MyDrury) 

Student Eligibility Requirements

Students must have completed at least 60 credit hours of appropriate coursework and have a minimum GPA of 2.5 prior to registering for internship academic credit.


Spring 2018 registration deadline: January 24, 2018

Summer 2018: June 6, 2018

Complete and turn in all signed paperwork to CP&D in Bay Hall 148 in order to register for credit by the deadline.

For summer internships, submit paperwork and register before leaving campus.

Once registered, you can begin counting site hours toward the minimum requirement (see Credit/Tuition below). Students who fail to complete the forms before the deadline will be ineligible to receive academic course credit for the internship.

Faculty Sponsors

The faculty sponsor for PLSC majors/minors is Dr. Elizabeth Paddock at epaddock@drury.edu.

The faculty sponsor for The Washington Center Internship is Dr. Daniel Ponder at deponder@drury.edu

The faculty sponsor for AADM, ARTZ, Graphic Digital Design is Rebecca Miller at rmiller01@drury.edu.

For all other majors, you will need to ask a faculty member in the relevant department to oversee your internship and act as your faculty sponsor. Your internship faculty sponsor does not have to be your advisor.

Your faculty sponsor must approve your internship experience as relevant to your major so you should check in with them before applying for an internship. Besides the internship experience, your faculty sponsor will assign some academic work to compliment the internship experience. 

Internship Locations/Sites

Students are responsible for finding their own internships though faculty and Career Planning and Development's support and guidance.  Finding an Internship Site provides some ideas to get started. 

  • Your internship position must be approved by your faculty sponsor as being a relevant learning experience your major/minor.
  • You may do internships locally, nationally, or even internationally.
  • Internships can be paid or unpaid.
  • You may not use existing jobs for internship college credit as this is meant to be a new learning experience.

Employers often have questions about their responsibilities in the internship. You can share this link with them: Site Supervisor Internship Handbook

Internships may be paid or unpaid, depending on the site. Refer to the Department of Labor Rules and Regulations for more information regarding the compensation of interns.


Internship credit cannot be granted retroactively, which means you must be registered for internship credit during the same semester in which your internship is completed.

Credit: You can register for internship credit during full semesters only: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Internships last one semester and generally are 3 credit hours (special permission must be granted to receive 6 credit hours for an internship).

For each 3 hours of college credit received, you must work a minimum of 135 hours at the internship site (270 hours for 6 hours of credit). For a typical 3 credit hour internship, this amounts to about 9 hours/week over a 16 week fall or spring semester or 18 hours/week over the 8 week summer semester. You must complete all hours at one internship site during the semester registered.

Over the course of your time at Drury as an undergrad, you may complete a total of 6 semester hours of internship credit (usually 2 internships) toward graduation.

Tuition Costs: Rates for internship credit are the same as for all other academic courses.  The cost for credit hours during the summer semester can be found at the registrar’s office.


You will receive satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade on your transcript which will be determined by your faculty sponsor. Grades are based on the work done at the site and the academic assignments required by your faculty sponsor. Additionally, failure to complete the minimum number of site hours (see Credit/Tuition above) can impact your grade.

For the academic portion of the internship, your faculty sponsor will assign outside work such as readings, journal entries, projects, papers, or reports. Additionally, a mid-term and final online performance evaluation will be completed by your site supervisor and forwarded to your faculty sponsor to be factored into your grade.

At the end of the semester, you will be asked to complete a final evaluation of your internship experience.  We encourage you to communicate with your faculty sponsor and/or Career Planning & Development throughout the semester with any highlights or concerns.