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IML Officers

Dr. Donn Kaiser

Dr. Ken Burstin

Les Hazen

Curriculum Co-Chairs
Dr. Dana Carroll
Marcia Morriset

Website Coordinator
Mike Carlie

Drury University Institute for Mature Learning
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Springfield, Missouri 65802
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Institute By-Laws

The IML operates under a set of Bylaws which specify the purpose of the organization, the nature of its membership, the structure of the organization (officers duties and term limits), its various committees and other matters as you will see below.

Article I - Name and Purpose

Section 1 – Name
The name of this organization shall be Drury University Institute for Mature Learners (IML). It shall be affiliated with the Lifelong Learning Institute Resource Network at Road Scholar and
sponsored by the “College of Continuing Professional Studies” of Drury University.

Section 2 – Purpose 
The purpose of IML is to provide a learning environment to continue the education of the membership by providing quality programs and encouraging member participation in study and discussion.

Article II - Membership

Membership shall be open to all area residents fifty years of age and above upon payment of annual dues. Each applicant for membership shall complete a written form. Membership fees shall be set at the annual business meeting.

Members are entitled to attend any IML presentation and participate in all activities. Members are eligible to attend and vote on matters before IML at the annual business meeting and at any called meetings.

Article III - Officers

Officers of IML shall be Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Treasurer.

Section 1 – Selection
Officers shall be elected at the annual business meeting and shall serve a one-year term. Officers may be re-elected. Vacancies during the term shall be filled by the Executive Committee.

Section 2 – Duties
The Chairperson shall preside over meetings. The Chairperson with the advice and consent of the other officers shall appoint committee Chairpersons. The Chairperson shall make sure that the meeting presenters are contacted in advance of their scheduled presentation to assure they have scheduled the presentation and confirm any special needs for the presentation.

The Vice Chairperson shall act in the absence of the Chairperson and record minutes of the annual business meeting.

The Treasurer shall maintain membership records, receive funds, disburse funds, maintain financial records suitable for audit and preside at meetings in the absence of other officers.

Article IV - Committees

Section 1- The Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers, committee chairpersons, website coordinator and the immediate past Chairperson.

The only standing committee shall be the Curriculum Committee which consist of the Executive Committee and other members.

Section 2 – Committee Responsibilities
The Executive Committee shall appoint an ad hoc committee as needed, receive and present proposed revisions of these Bylaws to the membership and arrange for periodic audits.

The Curriculum Committee shall plan presentations and other offerings for members responsive to the interests of IML. The chairperson of this committee is responsible for preparation of the newsletter and its submission to the appropriate office at Drury University in a timely manner, as well as its posting to the Drury University IML website.

Article V - Meetings

The annual business meeting shall be held no later than November 1 of each year. The main purpose of this meeting is the election of officers. Other matters of importance to the membership are brought before the attendees during this meeting. Decisions on matters before the membership shall be voted on with a simple majority needed to approve the issue(s). A quorum shall consist of members in attendance at the business meeting provided that notification of the meeting has been communicated to all members in writing at a minimum of two weeks in advance.

Other meetings may be called, as needed, by the chairperson.

Article VI - Dues

Dues shall be set at the annual business meeting. Dues are due and payable the first meeting of the year following the business meeting. Those who join on or after September 1 of the year shall pay one half the annual dues for the remainder of the current year. If IML ceases to exist, the balance of funds held by the Treasurer shall be transferred to Drury University.

Article VII - Liabilities

As a non-profit organization, the Drury University Institute for Mature Learners is operated solely to meet the educational needs and interests of its members. No member of this organization shall be liable for debts, financial obligations or any other liabilities of IML.

Article VIII - Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of those present at the annual business meeting or other called meeting provided notification of these changes has been communicated to all members in writing at least two weeks in advance.

Article IX - Rules

Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the conduct of all meetings. These revised Bylaws were approved and adopted at the business meeting on October 11, 2016.