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The Drury University Student Government Association General Assembly is the body of elected representatives responsible for mobilizing student funds and advocating for student interests. The body is made up of up to x6 representatives from each class (first year, sophomore, junior, senior), At-Large Senators, the Executive Council comprised of the President and x4 Vice Presidents, and the Advisor. The General Assembly governs in accordance with the organization’s Constitution and Bylaws, and guides its practices with the Financial Handbook and Rules of Practice, as put forth by the Executive Council. All of these documents are located in the ‘Documents’ section below.

General Assembly Meetings occur weekly throughout the semester on Thursdays at 4:30pm in the OEC Boardroom (location may vary). General Assembly meetings are open to the student body. Any student can bring things up for discussion in the ‘Open Business’ part of our meetings.

Any Day School Undergraduate Student can propose a project to the General Assembly by filling out the ‘New Business Proposal Form’ below and then you may request a place on our meeting agenda by emailing the completed form and all accompanying information to us at ‘’. Click the link below to mobilize student funding by filling out a ‘New Business Proposal Form’ today!

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2024-2025 SGA Members

Carter Hall

Student Body President




Cole Jensen

Vice President of Finance


Accounting and Finance


Avery Mercer

Vice President of Student Life


Strategic Communications


Ali Deckard

Vice President of Institutional Affairs




Kea Yeh

Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, 


Marketing/Management + Economics Major


Hunter White

Vice President of Marketing and Communication


Clinical and Behavioral Neuroscience, Psychology

Candidates for Senior Class Senator

Jade Hall
Greg Andert
Ethan Armour

Candidates for Junior Class Senator

Ryan McFail
Ella Falter
Emely Solis
Maverick Hill
Lukas Hopkins

Candidates for Sophomore Class Senator

Jackson Cornell
Alea Burks
Danielle Buker
Erin Fick

Freshman Class Interns

Swostika Karaheti
Aashish Karn




Jeremiah Jones

Senior, Architecture Major


Vice President of Finance – Cole Jensen,

Sabrina Weldon – Senior Senator

Student Life

Vice President of Student Life – Jade Hall

Keeley Barbee – Senior Senator

Cole Flippen – Sophomore Senator

Kyle Romanewicz – Sophomore Senator

Kelsey Fleming – Freshman Senator

Alea Burks – Freshman Senator

Institutional Affairs

Vice President of Institutional Affairs – Carter Hall

Cassidy McGonigal – Junior Senator

Ali Deckard – Freshman Senator

Clara Bonstead – Freshman Intern

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Vice President of DEI – Jaxon Mitchell

Raven Haney – Junior Senator

Diana Ramos – Sophomore Senator

Emely Solis – Sophomore Senator

Keandra Yea – Freshman Senator

Community Relations

Vice President of Community Relations – Taylor Sloan

Ella Falter – Sophomore Senator

Hunter White – Freshman Senator

Avery Mercer – Freshman Senator

Jackson Cornell – Freshman Senator

Jeremiah Jones

Jennifer Stewart

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