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The Drury University Student Government Association General Assembly is the body of elected representatives responsible for mobilizing student funds and advocating for student interests. The body is made up of up to x6 representatives from each class (first year, sophomore, junior, senior), At-Large Senators, the Executive Council comprised of the President and x4 Vice Presidents, and the Advisor. The General Assembly governs in accordance with the organization’s Constitution and Bylaws, and guides its practices with the Financial Handbook and Rules of Practice, as put forth by the Executive Council. All of these documents are located in the ‘Documents’ section below.

General Assembly Meetings occur weekly throughout the semester on Thursdays at 4:30pm in the Hoblit Suite. General Assembly meetings are open to the student body. Any student can bring things up for discussion in the ‘Open Business’ part of our meetings.

Any Day School Undergraduate Student can propose a project to the General Assembly by filling out the ‘New Business Proposal Form’ below and then you may request a place on our meeting agenda by emailing the completed form and all accompanying information to us at ‘’. Click the link below to mobilize student funding by filling out a ‘New Business Proposal Form’ today!

New Business Proposal Form

Click the link below to apply to become an elected representative for your class:

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Tyler Buff

Student Life Committee

Quinn Vonder Haar

Vice President of Student Life







McKenna Mason

Junior Senator







Cassidy McGonigal

Sophomore Senator







Jade Smith

Sophomore Senator







Keeley Barbee

Freshman Intern







Cole Flippen

Freshman Intern

International Affairs Committee

Emily Armour

Vice President of Institutional Affairs







Josh Rushing

Sophomore Senator







Theresa Palazzolo

Freshman Intern







Mattie King

Freshman Intern

Community Relations Committee

Jerimiah Jones

Vice President of Community Relations







Jalen Shaw

Senior Senator

Isabelle Brekke

Junior Senator







Trinity Morgan

Sophomore Senator







Carter Hall

Freshman Intern

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

JC Waggoner

Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion







Jaxon Mitchell

Junior Senator







Cristian Cueves

Sophomore Senator







Lydia Chapman

Freshman Intern





Finance Committee

Cole Jensen

Vice President of Finance







Sabrina Weldon

Senior Senator

Kate Yocom

Senior Senator







Kyle Romanewicz

Freshman Intern








Active Projects

No Impact Week

Initiative Chair: Kate Hall

One of the primary goals set forth by SGA is to continually pursue sustainable practices of Drury’s campus. This year, we are planning an entire week to encourage green living, present a renowned speaker, and celebrate an exciting sustainable accomplishment Drury has made- continue following along and attend the week’s event to find out more!

Completed Projects

Fusion Frenzy (2019)

Committee: Executive Council
Initiative Chair: Lexie Gutierrez
Completed: March 27, 2019

Fusion Frenzy was an collaborative event between the Student Government Association and the Drury University Marketing Department. This event was designed for First Year Students and Sophomores in order to explore and gain an understanding of the new Your Drury Fusion curriculum. Students attending this event were able to play games, eat food, and get personal academic advising on whether or not to continue under the CORE curriculum or switch to Drury Fusion.

Springfield Student Leadership Summit (Fall 2019, Spring 2020)

Committee: None
Initiative Chairs: Lexie Gutierrez & Alan Hammer
Completed: March 23, 2020

The Springfield Student Leadership Summit is a collaborative event from Drury University, Missouri State University, Evangel University, and Ozark Technical College for students to network, learn, and develop as leaders in their community. This event is held annually, and each institution volunteers two students to assist with planning and hosting the event. Students who are interested in this opportunity should reach out to SGA at with the subject line “Springfield Leadership Summit”.

Spooktober (Fall 2019)

Committee: Student Life
Initiative Chairs: Lexie Gutierrez and Laura Nelson

Completed: Fall 2019

In an effort to provide a fun fall and Halloween event, SGA hosted our first ever Spooktober! All students were invited to stop by for some hot mac and cheese and our themed mocktails, including an original creation- Hocus Pocus Punch! The event was well attended and we hope to continue hosting this event in future years.

Olin Library Furniture (Spring 2020)

Initiative Chair: Laura Nelson

Based on feedback we have heard from our constituents, we have begun the process of replacing furniture in Olin Library. The primary goals in this renovation are to provide students with increased comfort, a modernized look, and plenty of outlets. Assistance for this project is being provided by Drury’s facilities department and Grooms Office Furniture.

Completed: Spring 2020

Updates to Financial Proceedings (Spring 2020)

Chaired by: Finance Committee

We recognize the processes and forms necessary to request and receive funding from SGA can be overwhelming and confusing. We are currently reviewing all our documents and the steps organization leaders must go through, from start to finish, in the allocation and auditing seasons. SGA will communicate improvements with campus leaders as the time for allocations approaches.

Completed: Spring, 2020

Website Improvements (Summer 2020)

Chaired by: Alan Hammer

Objective: Recreate, redesign, and make it easier to access the SGA website to find important information that is easily accessible. Provide weekly minutes, as well as updated Senator Initiatives as they are created and finished.

Completed: Summer 2020

DruryVotes Initiative

Committee: Institutional Affairs Committee

Initiative Chair: Kate Hall

To increase student voter turnout across campus in the 2020 National Election through awareness, education, and programming.

Tyler Buff

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