Benefits of Living On Campus

Drury On-Campus Statistics

  • Retention rates for residents are higher than commuters, year after year
  • Cumulative GPAs are higher for residents than commuters
  • 1/2 of Drury beds are in campus apartments or houses
  • 0 community bathrooms in our residence halls
  • 77% of Drury bedrooms are single-occupancy

Studies Show

Students who live in a residence hall are more likely to...

  • Persist to graduation
  • Have greater openness to diversity & challenge, which is important for navigating the workforce
  • Get more involved in campus activities, which can lead to more leadership positions and a deeper connection to faculty and staff

Extreme Convenience

  • Ditch the moving van. Each residence hall student gets a bed, desk, chair, dresser, shelves. Also included are an in-suite microwave & mini-fridge
  • Cable, Internet, utilities, meals, and laundry costs are all included
  • Never miss a class or study group due to car problems or dangerous road conditions
  • Be steps away from 24-hour computer labs with specialized software specific to your major

Ease of Payment

  • You'll pay one convenient $200 housing deposit for all your years on campus. Avoid having deposits all over town for cable, utilities, and trash
  • You know exactly what your monthly housing costs will be
  • In a jam financially? Student loans and grants can cover housing and meals
  • No need for a credit check or co-signer

Campus Amenities 

Residential Amenities