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About the CCPS Bachelor of Science in English and Writing

The Department of English has the following Learning Objectives.

Students should be able to:

  1. Challenge ideas critically and creatively;
  2. Appreciate the changing canons of American, British and world literature and question the authority of classic texts;
  3. Deploy a vocabulary for analyzing poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama and other cultural artifacts in terms of form and content;
  4. Respond specifically and meaningfully to their own writing and to that of their peers;
  5. Write with clarity, insight, purpose and power for a variety of audiences and occasions;
  6. Analyze language in its historical, cultural, literary and linguistic contexts;
  7. Utilize helpful primary and secondary sources so that they can become independent researchers and writers;
  8. Demonstrate the link between their study of literature and writing and their lives beyond college, including social issues and vocations.

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Bachelor of Science in English and Writing

The English and Writing Program offers two tracks, one for English and Writing majors, and the other for students pursuing majors in both English/Writing and Secondary Education.

  • Track 1: English and Writing, requires a minimum completion of 42 credit hours.
  • Track 2: English and Writing - Secondary Education requires a minimum of 36 hours and the necessary Department of Education courses needed to earn a major in Secondary Education.

The following courses are required for all English and Writing majors (33 hrs.): 

Foundations (15 hrs.)

ENGL 207: Expository Writing: Art of the Essay
3 credit hours

Prerequisite: CCPS-ENGL 150. Day-None. Expository Writing provides students with valuable opportunities to write in a wide variety of modes of nonfiction, including narrative essays, film and book reviews, cultural analyses and journalistic essays. Students read and discuss published nonfiction and participate in workshops where they respond to one another’s writing in small groups. The workshop format enables students to respond to issues of form, purpose, voice, and audience.

ENGL 253: Grammar and Style
3 credit hours

Prerequisite: CCPS-ENGL 150. DAY-none. Students intensively investigate modern English grammar and usage. The course acquaints students with models of understanding and teaching grammar and with opportunities for experimenting with a variety of styles.

ENGL 301: Theory and Practice
3 credit hours

Prerequisite: CCPS-ENGL 150. DAY-None. This course introduces students to advanced research skills in literary studies. It focuses upon the central questions in literary studies and provides students with the critical and theoretical background to make sense of these questions.

ENGL 353: Nature of the English Language
3 credit hours

In this diachronic study of the English language, special attention is given to the development of the English language from its Anglo-Saxon origins to the present and to the varieties of English spoken in contemporary American society.

ENGL 493: Senior Seminar
3 credit hours

Prerequisite: ENGL 301 and senior status. This seminar-style course provides a capstone for both the English and Writing majors. Students will do independent research and synthesize their education at Drury, looking backward at how they have developed, and forward to where they will go next. Course only available in the spring semester on the Springfield campus.

British Literature (3 hrs.)

ENGL 202: British Literature II: Nineteenth Century through the Present
3 credit hours

This course introduces students to major writings from the past 200 years of British writing, with particular attention to close- reading and appreciation. The course often pursues a single theme, genre or motif through the readings.

American Literature (3 hrs.)

ENGL 204: American Literature II: 1865-1980
3 credit hours

This course introduces students to major texts of late-nineteenth and twentieth-century literature, with particular attention to modernist and postmodernist writing.

Advanced Literature (6 hrs.)

ENGL 306: Studies in Sixteenth through Eighteenth-Century Literature
3 credit hours

This course asks students to investigate selected topics in literature and culture of the Renaissance through the eighteenth century, including European, British, and other cultures. This course may be repeated when content varies.

ENGL 317: African-American Literature
3 credit hours

The backgrounds of African-American culture in African and Caribbean literatures, as well as the history of black American literature in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with focus on the contemporary scene.

Writing (6 hrs.)

ENGL 266: Creative Writing I - Fiction
3 credit hours

Prerequisite: CCPS-ENGL 150. DAY-None
Students learn techniques for and practice in writing fiction. The course focuses on student workshops.

ENGL 267: Creative Writing I - Poetry
3 credit hours

Prerequisite: CCPS-ENGL 150. DAY-None.
Students learn techniques for and practice in writing poetry.

Track 1: English and Writing (9 hrs.)

ENGL 200: Literature Matters
3 credit hours

One of three foundational courses for majors and potential majors in English, Literature Matters introduces students to a central set of problems in contemporary literary studies (for example, Identity and Empire, Shakespeare to Ondaatje). The course includes important canonical works as well as neglected or emerging writers. There is a focus on how to read and understand literature; how reading and writing literature influence identity, meaning, and value; and how to develop strategies for reading, discussing, and writing about literary works. Attention is also given to narrative structure. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in this course in the spring semester of their freshman or sophomore year. Offered spring semester. May be repeated when topics vary.

ENGL 268: Creative Writing I - Nonfiction
3 credit hours

Prerequisite: CCPS-ENGL 150. DAY-None.
Students learn techniques for and practice writing nonfiction.

ENGL 302: Women Writers
3 credit hours

A study of British and American literary works written by women. Particular consideration will be given to feminist modes of inquiry and critical thought as well as to the contributions of women in literary scholarship.

Track 2: English and Writing - Secondary Education (3 hrs. + EDUC Requirements)

Completion of secondary education major requirements

ENGL 150: Composition
3 credit hours

Writing course designed to develop students’ abilities to write in a variety of modes for a wide range of purposes.