Check Request & Reimbursement Procedures

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  • A Check Request Form is not necessary if you have an invoice. The account number, purchase order number and authorizing signature can be put on the front of the invoice.
  • Use a Check Request Form for advances and any items which do not have an invoice.
  • If a copy of the invoice needs to be sent with the check, please include that extra copy.
  • If the invoice has a remittance slip attached to be sent with the check, please do not write on it. If you write the information on the remittance slip, I have to copy it in order to have that information in the files. If all you have is a remittance slip (such as a subscription reminder) please include a copy for our files so I can return the remittance slip with the check.
  • If you have several invoices for one vendor, staple each invoice with whatever attachments you have (packing list, purchase order). These invoices can then be clipped or banded together. Please don’t staple the entire bunch together.
  • When requesting a check via a Check Request Form, please supply complete information. Use the payee’s full name (i.e. M. Sue Rollins, not just Sue Rollins). Write the 16 digit account number(s) in the space provided. Leave the vendor number space blank. The account administrator and/or VP should sign the request.
  • Student workers, faculty, or staff who provides labor or service outside their regular positions must be paid through Payroll, not Accounts Payable.
  • The current mileage rate is $.41 per mile. Mileage is paid through Accounts Payable not Petty Cash. If you request mileage reimbursement do not also request gas reimbursement. Gas reimbursement is only paid for campus vehicles or leased/rented vehicles.
  • Please remember Drury is exempt from sales tax. Purchases should not include sales tax. Our office can supply you with a copy of the Drury University tax-exempt letter to be used for any taxable purchase. This includes meals.
  • Advances need to be accounted for within 60 days of the event. This is an IRS requirement. This means receipts and/or cash totaling the amount of the advance need to be submitted to our office. Advances are charged to the recipient’s student/faculty/staff account when issued. When accounted for, the appropriate amount is charged to the correct department account and removed from the receivable account.
  • Checks are issued each Thursday. Checks held for pick up are available after 2:00 p.m. in the Business Office. All other checks are mailed Thursday afternoon. If checks marked to hold for pick-up are still here after two (2) weeks, they are mailed to the address on the check. Checks are never put in campus mail.
  • Faculty and Staff reimbursement requests should be in the Accounts Payable box by the end of the day Wednesday to be included in the next week’s checks.
  • Payment of invoices and check requests will be processed according to the invoice due date.