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Drury University welcomes students from around the world. Young men and women from more than 54 countries are studying at Drury and are here because of our financial value, strong academic reputation, and excellent location.

Drury has been ranked by the U.S. News & World Report in the top 15 Midwestern universities and in the top four Midwestern “Great Schools at Great Prices” since 1999. Few universities match the outstanding instruction, fine facilities, personal services and successful placement of graduates for such reasonable tuition and fees.

The university integrates liberal arts (education of the whole person) with professional career preparation. This happens in an environment where teachers know students well because classes are small and one-on-one collaboration between faculty and students is encouraged. Scholarly faculty members (from Harvard, MIT, Texas A & M, Oxford and many other prestigious schools) are distinguished in their fields of study. They choose to teach in an environment that promotes teaching as the top priority, even above personal research interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do students have to live on campus?

Students who are older than 21 are not required to live on campus. However, we strongly recommend all the international students live on campus for cultural immersion and to take advantage of all the benefits the Drury community has to offer— clinic, gyms, clubs, community support, extra safety, and more! And most importantly, to avoid the hassle of dealing with your own transportation.

Do I need to have my high school diploma translated in order to apply for university (Drury)?

Yes, all the required documents for admission purposes need to be translated into English. Please don’t hesitate to contact us ( should you feel confused/lost. Our International Admission Team will guide you through the process with ease.

Can I transfer credits from a college or university abroad? What's the process and how many credits can I have?

Yes. Drury is transfer-friendly. Suppose you transfer your college credits from a school based in your home country or a foreign country. In that case, we require a course-by-course evaluation done by one of the recognized Credential Evaluation Agencies (See the list: The report provided by the Credential Evaluation Agency will show the credits available for you to transfer to Drury.

If you are attending a college/university in the U.S and wish to transfer over to Drury, all you need to do is to send us your official transcripts via email or post, and our Transfer and Entry Specialists will handle the rest. It takes up to two weeks to have the credits evaluated.

Does Drury still issue I-20s during the pandemic?

Yes. We issue I-20 to students after they’re admitted and have submitted their passport copy. 

Many universities right now are doing their education remotely, can you speak briefly about how education's been delivered currently and for the up coming terms at your university?

At Drury, we celebrate personalized learning experience, and our faculty has done a remarkable job to satisfy that purpose. Whether it is an in-person learning experience with small-sized classes or taking your classes online, Drury University has it all ready to accommodate your academic schedule.

As an international student, you need to take a specific amount of credit hours of seated classes to keep your I-20 status active.
The ratio of faculty to students is 1:13.

Is there an application deadline for the upcoming term?

No, there isn’t a deadline for your application.

However, please bear in mind that going through the admission process takes time, obtaining a visa takes time, and we need to reserve time to apply for housing and to book flight tickets (which often become more expensive approaching to the date of travel). To have a smooth process, we recommend that you submit your application no later than the 2nd week of June for the Fall semester; and no later than the 2nd week of November if you wish to join us for the Spring semester.

I have a low GPA but I want to go to your school, are there opportunities for admission and, even, scholarship?


We know not everyone is good at taking exams. So a holistic approach is used to help with reviewing applications.

Additionally, we recommend our applicants take the Duolingo English Test — not only because it is significantly more affordable and faster than other English language proficiency tests, it also allows exam takers the safety of taking it at home, while also providing interview footage and an essay for our Admission Team to reference when reviewing your application.

Go ahead and submit an application, and we will guide you through the process of document preparation and get back to you with decisions of admission and scholarship within two weeks.