Drury University Campus Master Plan Landscape Framework

Landscape Guiding Principles

  • Preserve what is best about Drury’s landscape and hardscape fabric and enhance it with additional layers of planting, pathways and outdoor rooms.
  • Institute typologies of quadrangle, plaza, terrace, courtyard, promenade and garden to instruct the definition and character of the campus landscape.
  • Develop a consistent, standard palette of landscape and hardscape materials that are the connective tissue of the campus.
  • Within the defined landscape typologies, identify approaches to hardscape, planting, site furnishings and special conditions such as art and commemoration accordingly.
  • Adopt a policy and design standard for the site selection and design integration of all commemorative landscape elements (perhaps the design of the new Drury Lane is the equivalent of Literary Walk in Central Park).
  • Standardize all street furniture including recycling and trash receptacles, bike racks, shelters, “blue phones” etc.
  • Establish a standard of maintenance of Drury’s Grounds to maintain it as the oasis it is and to recognize the functional use and program of each landscape typology.

Landscape Palette: Defining the Drury Campus material palette

Proposed Landscape Improvements

Spatial Typologies: Decoding the DNA of the Drury Campus Landscape

Planting Typologies: Decoding the DNA of the Drury Campus Landscape

Proposed Landscape Improvements

  1.  President’s House & Garden
    - Consolidate Garden/Outdoor Event Space
    - Driveway moves to back, working around large existing trees
    - New low wall defines campus edge, creates threshold

  2.  Benton Ave Quad
    - Linear Quad Space framed by new buildings
    - Existing trees preserved
    - Gateway/Entry thresholds formalize Western edge of Campus

  3.  Stone Chapel & Gardens
    - New low seatwall defines Campus Boundary
    - Expanded Entry Plaza
    - New garden space behind Chapel

  4.  Welcome Center - Landscape
    - Renovate Sunken Garden, adding planting, new seat wall, & paving
    - Renovate Entry Plaza & Planting Area, preserve beautiful limestone walls
    - New event/garden space at Intersection of Central & Drury Ln.

  5.  Burnham Circle
    - Transform loop road into Pedestrian Promenade and Fire / Service Lane
    - Renovate Plazas near Library, Housing, Welcome Center
    - Enhanced Gardens along edge
    - New crossing walks enhance connectivity

  6.  Drury Ln. Promenade
    - Linear pedestrian promenade framed by formal tree planting & gardens
    - Social seating areas for study/informal gathering
    - Serves as Fire Lane for emergency access
  1.  O’Reilly Plaza
    - Add tree planting in plaza to create shade
    - Updated flexible seating & furnishings

  2.  Linear Residential Precinct & Oak Lawn
    - Linear Informal Play Lawns and Sports Courts framed by buildings
    - Existing Large Oak Tree framed by new lawn space & building program

  3.  Central Quad
    - Consolidated crossing paths framed by looping promenade/ fire lane and new buildings.
    - Fountain opportunities at center
    - Preserve existing large trees & add gardens along outside edge of space

  4.  Athletics Field Plaza & Landscape
    - New Entry Gate and Ticketing Booth/Restroom
    - Stepped Amphitheater Seating with views to Downtown
    - New Colonnade / Architectural Element
    - Renovated gardens and stormwater area

  5.  Athletics Building Entry Plaza
    - New iconic Entry Plaza with integrated stormwater garden w/ bridge

  6.  Diversity Center / Historic Church Green
    - Option for event lawn space to serve weddings & events at Diversity Center.
    - Aligns Beech School Architectural element across Drury Lane South