Who to Call for What


Academic Advising (Continuing Studies) Sarah Thornton 873-7502
Academic Advising (Day School) Cindy Fiedler 873-7275
Access Card Readers Safety & Security 873-7400
Accessibility Information or Assistance Ed Derr 873-7457
Accounts Payable Megan Coleman 873-7389
Adjunct Employment CCPS 873-7329
Admission Events Admission 873-7205
Advertising/Press Releases Marketing & Communications 873-7228
After Hours Maintenance Emergencies Safety & Security 873-7400
Alumni & Donor Database Teresa Skidmore 873-7826
Alumni Events Development & Alumni Relations 873-7217
Alumni Relations Andrea Battaglia 873-7353
Archives Bill Garvin 873-7482
Athletic Camps Athletics 873-7265

Benefits (staff and faculty)

Human Resources 873-7434
Board of Trustees Bonnie Wilcox 873-7811
Bookstore Bookstore 873-7316
Brochures/Publications Marketing & Communications 873-7228
Broken Windows/Mirror Facilities Services 873-7219
  After hours - contact Security 873-7400
Budgets and Expenditure Information Jill Holmes 873-7863
Business Cards Marketing & Communications 873-7228
Campus Dining Fresh Ideas, Rhonda Ice 873-7286
Campus Housing Holly Binder 873-7654
Campus Mail The Mailroom 873-7311
Campus Map Requests Marketing & Communications 873-7228
Campus Recreation & Club Sports Campus Recreation 873-7280
Campus Tours Admission 873-7205
Career Services Career Planning & Development 873-7284
Catering Fresh Ideas, Courtney Bradley 873-7286
Chaplain Dr. Peter Browning 873-7231
Carpet (damages and/or questions) Facilities Services 873-7219
Changing Locks Facilities Services 873-7219
Charges for Residence Hall Damages Holly Binder 873-7654
Classroom Reservations Annette Enloe 873-7212
College of Graduate Studies Joni Allison 873-7530
College Park/Apartments Residence Director Michael Wilbanks 873-7382
Common Data Set Questions Marketing & Communications 873-7228
Community Service Lisa Langley 873-7608
Computer Services Help Help Desk ( 873-7300
Continuing Studies Admission Robin Sprenger 873-6347
Continuing Studies Catalog Editor Bethany Talley 873-6859
Continuing Studies Programs and Degrees Bethany Talley 873-6859
Continuing Studies Transfer/Advising Module Bethany Talley 873-6859
Counseling Services Ed Derr 873-7457
Course Schedule Questions (Day School, CCPS, Graduate) Annette Enloe 873-7212
Credit Cards Christie Garrison 873-7200
Crisis Plan Updates or Questions Marketing & Communications 873-7276
Custodial Concerns Facilities Services 873-7219 or 873-7295
Custodial Concerns (weekends) Facilities Services or Security 873-7219 or 873-7400
Day School Catalog Editor Bethany Talley 873-6859
Dean (Interim) of Adult and Online Education Dr. Leah Blakey 873-4092
Dean of Students Dr. Tijuana Julian 873-7215
Department contacts:    
--Academic Affairs Marline Faherty 873-7225
--Administrative Services Christie Garrison 873-7200
--Admission Admission Welcome Desk 873-7205
--Animal Rights Patricia McEachern 873-7875
--Architecture Carolyn Mayer 873-7415
--Art/Art History Michelle Arnold 873-7296
--Athletics Garrett Cline 873-7265
--Behavioral Sciences Kathy Jester 873-7223
--Biology Kevin Jansen 873-6398
--Bookstore Valerie Rains 873-7316
--Breech School of Business Administration Tonya Bolin 873-7508
--Business Services Frank Fay 873-7342
--Career Planning and Development 873-7284
--College of Continuing Professional Studies (CCPS) Glori Anne Hedrick 873-7313
--College of Graduate Studies Joni Allison 873-7530
--College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences Kathy Jester 873-7223
--Chaplain's Office Kathy Jester 873-7223
--Chemistry Scott Petrich 873-7566
--Commons Fresh Ideas, Ray Kozicki 873-7286
--Communication Ann SanPaolo 873-7442
--CX Fresh Ideas Food Services 873-7285
--Education Shannon Cuff 873-7271
--Facilities Services Andrea Longley 873-7219
--Financial Aid 873-7312
--Financial Services Elizabeth Ussery 873-6350
--Fine & Performing Arts Stephen Bomgardner 873-7388
--Health Center (Panther Clinic) 873-6300
--History, Philosophy & Religion Kathy Jester 873-7223
--Honors Angela Hitchcock 873-6963
--Housing Holly Binder 873-7654
--Human Resources Judi Murphy 873-7434
--International Services Jody Pritt 873-7885
--Languages & Literature Kathy Jester 873-7223
--Library Barbi Dickensheet 873-7486
--Mailroom Brian Cunningham 873-7311
--Marketing & Communications Marketing & Communications 873-7228
--Math/Computer Science Carrie Henry 873-3014
--Physics Scott Petrich 873-7566
--Political Science Jeff VanDenBerg 873-6947
--President's Office Bonnie Wilcox 873-7201
--Records and Registration Registrar 873-7211
--Residence Life Alexis Guth Sparks 8736975
--Security Martha Barker 873-7400
--Student Affairs (Orientation & New Student Programs) Jennifer Stewart 873-6919
--Student Affairs (Dean of Student's Office) Vicki Harrold 873-7215
--Student Conduct Paul Hinkle 873-6894
--Technology Services 873-7300
--Theatre Michelle Arnold 873-7296
--University Advancement Doris Weber 873-7258
--Web Communications Chelsea Baltimore 873-6895
Dining (Campus) Fresh Ideas, Rhonda Ice 873-7286
Direct Deposit (Payroll) Julia Sandwell 873-7571
Disability Services Ed Derr 873-7457
Diversity Council Rosalyn Thomas 873-6827
Donations Teresa Skidmore 873-7826
Doors (locks and maintenance) Facilities Services 873-7219
Drury Magazine Marketing & Communications 873-7276
DU27 Brian Shipman 873-7850
Dual Credit Carol Pope 873-7331
Dual Enrollment Kelly Johnson 873-7872
Edward Jones Center Scholars Rosalyn Thomas 873-6827
Elevators Facilities Services 873-7219
Email Questions Technology Services 873-7300
Employment - Students Human Resources 873-6836
Employment - Staff Human Resources 873-6836
Employment - Day Faculty Office of Academic Affairs 873-7225
Employment - Adjunct CCPS 873-7329
Employment Verification Human Resources 873-7434
Estate Planning Questions University Advancement 873-7217
Expense Reimbursements Megan Coleman 873-7389
Exterminators Facilities Services 873-7219
Faculty Employment -- Day School Office of Academic Affairs 873-7225
Financial Aid Questions Financial Aid 873-7312
Fire Alarm Systems Safety & Security 873-7400
Fire Extinguishers Safety & Security 873-7400
Fire Safety Safety & Security 873-7400
First Year Experience Jennifer Stewart 873-6919
Fitness Center Dan Cashel 873-7222
Food Service

Furniture Inventory/Costs Christie Garrison 873-7200
Furniture Purchasing / Cost Estimates Facilities Services 873-7404
Giving Questions University Advancement 873-7217
Graduation Ceremony Information - Day Records & Registration 873-7211
Graduation Ceremony Information - CCPS & Graduate Bethany Talley 873-6859
Greek Life Rob Neiss 873-6822
Health Insurance (Faculty and Staff) Human Resources 873-7434
Health Insurance (Students) Vicki Harrold 873-7215
Health Services (Panther Clinic) Panther Clinic 873-6300
Hometown News Releases (Dean's List/Graduation List) Marketing & Communications 873-7228
Housing Applications - All Students Holly Binder 873-7654
Housing Applications - Contract Cancellations Holly Binder 873-7654
Housing Holly Binder 873-7654
Housing Occupancy Reports Holly Binder 873-7654
ID Card Safety & Security 873-7400
Immigration Issues - Students Jody Pritt 873-7885
Immigration Issues - Faculty or Staff Human Resources 873-7434
Insurance (Drury-Property and Casualty) Jill Holmes 873-7863
Insurance (Drury-Liability) Jill Holmes 873-7863
Insurance (Faculty and Staff-Health) Human Resources 873-7434
Insurance (Students-Health) Student Affairs 873-7215
Intramurals Campus Recreation 873-7280
International Programs Thomas Russo 873-7413
International Support Services Jody Pritt 873-7885
Internships Career Planning & Development 873-7284
Invoices - Accounts Payable Megan Coleman 837-7389
Kellogg Terrace/Kellogg Greenspace Vicki Harrold 873-7215
Key and Lock Logistics and Requests Safety & Security 873-7869 or 873-7400
Law Enforcement Academy Tony Bowers 873-7542
L.E. Meador Center for Politics and Citizenship Burnham Hall 314 873-7140
Leadership Drury Lisa Langley 873-7608
Liability Insurance Jill Holmes 873-7863
Library (Circulation Desk) Barbi Dickensheet 873-7486
Living Learning Communities Jennifer Stewart 873-6919
Locks -- Changing or Repairing Facilities Services 873-7219
Maintenance Concerns Facilities Services 873-7219
Mail Carbon Copy 873-7311
Marketing (Evening & Online) Marketing & Communications 873-7228
Marketing & Communications Marketing & Communications 873-7228
Meador Center Dan Ponder (Director) 873-7394
Meal Plans Holly Binder 873-7654
Mileage Reimbursements Megan Coleman 873-7389
Mirror, The Greg Booker 873-7203
Moodle Help Desk 873-7300
Multicultural Affairs Rosalyn Thomas 873-6827
Name Badge Orders Marketing & Communications 873-7228
Occupancy Reports/issues Holly Binder 873-7654
Online Education Questions Angela Hitchcock 873-7848
Open Rooms and Bed Inquiries Holly Binder 873-7654
O'Reilly Family Event Center-Drury Events & Venue Rentals Garrett Cline 873-7265
O'Reilly Family Event Center-Concert Events Tanner Haag 873-7134
O'Reilly Family Event Center-Ticket/General Information Paige Grisham 873-7350
Orientation - New Employee Human Resources 873-7434
Orientation - Freshman/International Student Jennifer Stewart 873-6919
Panthers for Prevention Rob Neiss 873-3061
Parking Permits Safety & Security 873-7400
Passport Program Jennifer Stewart 873-6919
Payroll Questions & Issues Julia Sandwell 873-7571
PC Help Help Desk ( 873-7300
Personnel Forms Human Resources 873-7434
Photo Requests Marketing & Communications 873-7228
Power Outages Facilities Services or Security 873-7219 or 873-7400
Pre-Law Advising Dan Ponder 873-7394
Press Releases Mike Brothers 873-7390
Property & Casualty Insurance Jill Holmes 873-7863
Provost Beth Harville 873-4085
RA/CA Selection Process Alexis Guth Sparks 873-6975
Recycling Information Facilities Services 873-7219
Reference Checks -- Employment Human Resources 873-7434
Registration Questions (Day School, CCPS & Graduate) Records & Registration 873-7211
Residence Life Alexis Guth Sparks 873-7423
Residence Life Area Director (Apartments) Amanda Bollinger 873-7429
Residence Life Association Amanda Bollinger 873-7429
Room and Board Information Holly Binder 873-7654
Room and Board Charges Judy Burchfield 873-7343
Room/Space Reservations:    
--Athletic Facilities (Weiser and Hutchens HPER) Garrett Cline 873-7265
--Clara Thompson Hall Christie Garrison 873-7200
--Classrooms/Computer Labs Annette Enloe 873-7212
--Diversity Center Christie Garrison 873-7200
--Findlay Student Center (FSC)- Ballroom Vicki Harrold 873-7215
--Findlay Student Center (FSC)-President's Dining Room Vicki Harrold 873-7215
--Findlay Student Center (FSC)- Room 125 Vicki Harrold 873-7215
--Findlay Student Center (FSC)- Room 204 Vicki Harrold 873-7215
--Freeman Hall (Hoblit Suite) Vicki Harrold 873-7215
--Hammons School of Architecture Carolyn Mayer 873-7415
--Harrison Stadium Dan Cashel 873-7222
--Hearth Room Admission Welcome Desk 873-7205
--Hutchens HPER Complex TBA
--Kellogg Green Space/Terrace Vicki Harrold 873-7215
--Lay Hall Carrie Henry 873-3014
--Library Katherine Bohnenkamper 873-7485
--Lydy Art Center/Cox Gallery Allin Sorenson 873-7296
--Martin Alumni Center Doris Weber 873-7258
--O'Reilly Family Event Center TBA
--Reed Auditorium Christie Garrison 873-7200
--Residence Hall Lobbies Holly Binder 873-7654
--Rose O'Neill House Vicki Harrold 873-7215
--Stone Chapel Christie Garrison 873-7200
--Sunderland Field Vicki Harrold 873-7215
--Sunderland Hall Katie Renner 873-7429
--Trustee Science Center (Reed Auditorium) Christie Garrison 873-7200
--Weiser Gymnasium TBA
--Wilhoit Theatre Mick Sokol 873-6821
--All Others Christie Garrison 873-7200
Second Year Experience Jennifer Stewart 873-6919
Service Learning Lisa Langley 873-7608
Smith Hall Residence Director Malachi Cobb  873-7382
Statements / Account Information Business Office 873-7343
Stone Chapel Reservations Christie Garrison 873-7200
Student Activities Rob Neiss 873-6822
Student Bills/Charges Judy Burchfield 873-7343
Student Government Association-Operations Paul Hinkle 873-6894
Student Government Association-Budget/Allocations Paul Hinkle 873-6894
Student Health Insurance Vicki Harrold 873-7215
Student Employment Crystal Ponder 873-6836
Student Conduct (Judicial) Program Paul Hinkle 873-6894
Student Organizations Rob Neiss 873-6822
Student Payroll Julia Sandwell 873-7571
Student Union Board (SUB) Amanda Bollinger 873-6423
Study Abroad Thomas Russo 873-7413
Summerscape Program Mary Potthoff 873-7386
Summer Camps and Conferences -- Housing Holly Binder 873-7654
Summit Park Leadership Community Lisa Langley 873-7608
Sunderland Hall Residence Director Katie Renner 873-7429
Teaching & Learning Center (Olin Library, Room 213) 873-7226
Technology Services Help Desk ( 873-7300
Telephone Issues 873-7300
Testing Services Ed Derr 873-7418
Timesheets Payroll 873-7571
Tours Admission 873-7205
Transcript Orders Registrar's Office 873-7843
Transfer Credit (Continuing Studies) Kelly Johnson 873-6992
Travel and Other Expense Reimbursement Megan Coleman 873-7389
Trustees Bonnie Wilcox 873-7811
Tuition Exchange Program Human Resources 873-7434
Tutoring Student Success 873-7419
Vacation & Sick Leave Accrual Worksheets Human Resources 873-7434
Vending Services (washers/dryers) Housing 873-7654
Vending Services (snack and soft drink machines) Jill Holmes 873-7863
Veteran's Educational Benefits Brian Jungen 873-6908
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program Tiffany Cossey 873-7383
Wallace Hall Residence Director Alexis Guth Sparks 873-6975
Webpage Issues Web Communications 873-6895
Wellness Programs- Students Rob Neiss 873-6822
Wellness Programs- Staff & Faculty Human Resources 873-7434
Window Treatment - Repair and Replacement Facilities Services 873-7219
Work Orders (Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Grounds, etc.) Facilities Services 873-7219