BeALeader Network

Student Organization [bealeader] Network
The Student Organization [bealeader] Network is an online resource that maintains consistent communication with all student organization leadership. All presidents, treasurers, secretaries, and campus advisors of registered organizations are members of the Student Organization [bealeader] Network.

Sending Emails:
To send an email to all presidents, treasurers, secretaries, and campus advisors of active student organizations, email:

Who is Involved:
· All student organization campus advisors
· All student organization presidents
· All student organization treasurers 
· University President
· Dean of Students
· Director Greek Life & Student Activities
· Convocation Director
· Intramurals Coordinator
· Admissions Event Planner
· Student Government Association committee chairs
· Recycling Coordinator
· Student Affairs committee co-chairs

What to Expect from the [bealeader] Network

  • Regular, Helpful Tips: You'll receive regular tips and information that will really help you get things done (i.e. using tax-exempt forms, sending all student emails, SGA budgeting information, and fundraising ideas).
  • The Answers You Want: As a student leader/campus advisor, you've probably had questions and weren't sure where to find the information. The Student Organization Network is the place. You can email questions, concerns, comments, or ideas to; the Student Activities Office will get you the answer and provide the information to everyone involved with the Student Organization Network.
  • A Place to Voice Your Ideas: Do you have an idea that would improve student organization life on campus? The Student Activities Office is working with SGA and SAC to continue to help you get things done. If you have an idea or project that you'd like to start, email or