Writing Major

The writing major is offered by the Department of English and is designed to prepare students for personal creative development and for a wide range of professional careers. It places equal emphasis on creative and professional writing, preparing students to write clearly and expressively. Graduates enter some of the most interesting careers open to writers, from book and magazine editors and writers to "information architects" on the Web.

The writing major requires a minimum of 30 hours, and is designed to be foundational and flexible.

ENGL 200: Literature Matters
ENGL 253: Grammar and Style
ENGL 301: Theory and Practice
ENGL 493: Senior Seminar

Imaginative Writing
(choose two courses from the following)
ENGL 266: Creative Writing I – Fiction
ENGL 267: Creative Writing I – Poetry
ENGL 268: Creative Writing I – Nonfiction
THTR 354: Writing for Stage and Screen
ENGL 366: Creative Writing II - Fiction
ENGL 367: Creative Writing II - Poetry
ENGL 368: Creative Writing II - Nonfiction

Professional Writing and Editing
(choose two courses from the following)
ARTZ 211: Digital Foundations
COMM 221: Multimedia Writing

COMM 324: Feature Writing
ENGL 251: Editing and Publishing
ENGL 320: Grant Writing and Research
ENGL 355: Small Press Book Publishing
ENGL 397: Internship (3-6 hours)
ENGL 455: Advanced Writing Workshop

Choose one 300- 400-level literature course from the following:
ENGL 302: Women Writers
ENGL 303: Single Author
ENGL 305: Studies in Ancient through Medieval Literature
ENGL 306: Studies in Sixteenth- through Eighteenth-Century Literature
ENGL 307: Studies in Nineteenth- through Twentieth-Century Literature
ENGL 311: Studies in Contemporary Literature
ENGL 317: African-American Literature
ENGL 330: Dangerous Liaison: French Literature in Translation
ENGL 342: Shakespeare and Ethics
ENGL 344: Studies in World Literature
ENGL 345: Literature and Ethics
ENGL 375: Land and Literature
ENGL 381: Southern Literature
ENGL 390: Selected Topics in Literature

Choose one elective from courses offered in English or Writing.

Many students double major in both English and Writing. In addition to the 30 hours above, completion of two Survey courses, one Advanced Literature course and one additional elective course will make it possible for students to major in both English and Writing (total of 42 hours).