Who are you? Career Planning & Development offers a variety of assessments to help you best determine your interests, values and abilities.

The first step in the process of choosing a career is self-assessment. Before you can decide what you want to do, you must have a comprehensive understanding of who you are-your unique interests, abilities, values and life plan. Self-assessment and goal-setting are very important to the career exploration process and eventually, the job search. 

Career Planning & Development is happy to share our new assessments with you, offered through MyPlan. We hope the assessments will guide you as you make decisions about your future. MyPlan is free to all students and enables you to take up to four assessments: Personality, Interests, Values and Skills. MyPlan offers a variety of tools to help you understand your immediate results including the CareerMatch tool, Composite/Comprehensive Reports, a wide variety of career-related videos, salary data and more.  

Try to take the assessments at a time and place where you will not be distracted. There is no time limit to take the assessments, however, it is best to not think too long about any question; your first response is likely to be most true for you. There are no right or wrong answers. Some assessments force you to choose between options where both may seem undesirable. In this case, select the choice you feel is less undesirable. Only you and your Drury career coach will see the results (if you opt into sharing results with career advisor or if you bring them to our office). It will be up to you if you choose to share them with anyone else.


To take any of the Career Assessment Tests:

  1. Visit and select “Create Free Account”
  2. On the second page of registration, please enter the School License Code N3Q473NH. This code allows you to take all four tests at no cost.
  3. Click “Take An Assessment” and select any of the four assessments. You can take all assessments or just one, it’s up to you. Your results are saved.  
  4. Explore CareerMatch and other resources within MyPlan once you have completed one or more assessments for further research; we have created a guide to help guide you as you take your next steps.
  5. If you would like to visit with a career coach to go over your results or if you would like additional career-related assistance, please call our office (417-873-7284) or stop by Bay Hall 148 to schedule an appointment.